This page for the sixth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 6 Tuxedo Mask (episode).
Act 6 Tuxedo Mask
Act 6 タキシード仮面
Japanese Act 6.jpg
Japanese: Act 6 タキシード仮面
Romanji: Act 6 Takiishudo Kamen
Act: 6
Arc: Dark Kingdom
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"Act 6 Tuxedo Mask" is the 6th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 6th chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Tuxedo Mask reveals the existence of the Silver Crystal to the people of Tokyo, and the Dark Kingdom uses this opportunity in order to gather energy.


Sailor Moon transforms back into Usagi as Luna gives her a new item, the Moon Stick. Luna tells her that she is to protect the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess and become the leader of the Sailor Senshi.

The next morning, Mamoru wakes up in his apartment after having a recurring dream. A woman with long hair appears whispering about the Silver Crystal, but he cannot see her face.

At the Tsukino house, Luna comes in the kitchen where Ikuko tells her that Usagi has already left for school. While reading the newspaper, Luna is surprised to see that the main headline is about Tuxedo Mask and his search for the Silver Crystal.

Usagi meets Ami and Makoto on her way to school. She starts to tell them about the weird dreams she’s been having when they bump into Mamoru. He playfully teases her to study hard, and she angrily tells him to mind his own business. Makoto asks Usagi about him and teases her for liking too many guys. Ami recognizes from Mamoru’s uniform that he must be a student at the prestigious Moto-Azabu Private High School. Usagi asks Ami what type of guy she likes. Both Ami and Makoto think of Motoki, but Ami quickly changes the subject to the newspaper headlines.

Luna calls the newspaper office and learns that Tuxedo Mask has sent a recording to all the mass media about a secret treasure called the Silver Crystal, and now all of Japan is talking about it. While Luna wonders what Tuxedo Mask is up to, Tuxedo Mask hopes his press release will help him gain more information about the Silver Crystal. Elsewhere, Kunzite and Zoisite monitor the current events on several TV screens. Kunzite is amused by how all humanity is now scrambling for the Silver Crystal. Queen Beryl reminds him that the crystal belongs to them and that they still don’t have enough human energy for their great ruler. Zoisite promises to obtain the Silver Crystal and the energy all at once.

Luna and the girls hold a meeting at Game Center Crown. Everyone but Usagi is now convinced that Tuxedo Mask is an enemy. When questioned about the enemy, Luna’s answers are vague. She says is that if the enemy gets the Silver Crystal, it could mean the end of the world. It is the destiny of the Sailor Senshi to protect both the Silver Crystal and the Moon Princess. Luna reveals that she is doing the Moon’s bidding. The girls are still confused, so Luna decides to let them fully awaken while she continues to investigate Tuxedo Mask. After this, Usagi plays the Sailor V game. She notices that a weapon in the game looks like the Moon Stick. She wonders aloud if Sailor V could be one of their allies.

Meanwhile, Zoisite puts his plan into action. Disguised as a woman and calling himself Dr. Isono, he appears on a TV talk show. He says that the Silver Crystal has magical powers and can give eternal life. Soon everyone in Tokyo is frantically searching for the Crystal, including Usagi. Luna worries that Usagi is watching too much TV lately, while Usagi tears her room apart searching for the crystal. The Intelligence Agency is conducting its own search but no one has any success.

Seeing that the humans are not able to locate the Silver Crystal, Zoisite decides to drain their energy instead. He presses a button and begins sucking energy from people through their TV screens. Meanwhile, Mamoru is studying when he senses something wrong. He looks outside to discover that all the machines in town have stopped and the people have mysteriously collapsed.

Luna notices these strange events as well and finds Ami staggering along the street. Ami says she has no strength and that people are dropping by the dozen. Luna takes her to the game center, and after speaking in code to the Sailor V game, the machine slides back and reveals a hidden staircase in the floor. Ami follows Luna downstairs to a secret base full of computers and monitors. Luna explains that she uses this basement for research and that everything is connected to the Moon's main system. They find that all the stolen energy is flowing toward Tokyo Tower, which broadcasts TV signals. They try to contact the other Sailor Senshi, but their signal is being jammed.

Meanwhile, Usagi feels her energy being drained away as she walks down the street. She realizes the enemy is behind this and that she has fallen into their trap. She collapses and the Moon Stick falls out of her bag. Mamoru appears, drawn by the Moon Stick’s light, and gathers Usagi in his arms. She feels her strength coming back and when she wakes up Tuxedo Mask is holding her. He confesses that this mess is his fault and that he needed help to find the Crystal because he doesn’t have powers like hers. He tells Usagi that she is the only one who can save everyone and that she must transform into Sailor Moon. Usagi is shocked that he now knows her identity, but has no time to hesitate and transforms.

Ami has joined Makoto and Rei, while Luna stays behind in the control room and gives them directions through their communicators. She tells them to go to the TV station and catch the enemy, hoping that Usagi is all right. Sure enough, the three Sailor Senshi find Zoisite at the TV station, but he vanishes before they can take back the stolen energy.

Meanwhile, Sailor Moon doesn’t know what to do to save the people. Feeling weak and useless without her friends, she is on the verge of tears. Tuxedo Mask encourages her, and suddenly the Moon Stick appears. Sailor Moon decides to use it the same way Sailor V did in the game. The healing rays revive the people, but as everybody starts waking up, Sailor Moon faints from exhaustion. Tuxedo Mask picks her up, and his pocket watch falls into her lap.

The next morning, Sailor Moon wakes up in a strange bed. She remembers a recurring dream of a man she can’t see calling out to her. She sees the pocket watch in her lap, thinking it might belong to Tuxedo Mask. She transforms back into Usagi and realizes that Tuxedo Mask knows her identity. She knows he is not the enemy, but still wonders who he is, and why he helps her. Then, Mamoru enters the room.

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