“Act 60 Stars 11”
Act 60 - Stars 11
Act 60 スターズ 11
Act 60 Sutaazu 11





Act 59 Stars 10

As Usagi dives into the Galaxy Cauldron to defeat Chaos, the Sailor Quartet meet the mysterious Sailor Senshi, Sailor Cosmos, who tells them of a future she ran away from.


Sailor Moon uses all of the Sailor Crystals, including those of the living Sailor Quartet, to perform her ultimate attack against Chaos: "Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power." The attack succeeds, and after Chaos' defeat, Sailor Cosmos sends the Sailor Quartet back to the future and then fades away, with new hope for the future.

Guardian Cosmos, the Guardian of the Galaxy Cauldron, appears and tells Sailor Moon that Chaos may one day rise again to try and take over the galaxy once more. She offers Sailor Moon a choice: she can either go back to her everyday normal life where enemies will always come after her, or to stay in the Cauldron with the other stars in their purest forms. Sailor Moon chooses to go back with everyone. Respecting her decision, Guardian Cosmos sends Sailor Moon back to her world, allowing her to meet up with the others, all alive and happy. Sailor Chibi Moon also returns to the future, saying that she will wait for her in the 30th Century.

As Crystal Tokyo is being built, Usagi and Mamoru are on their way to marriage. All their friends are present to witness this joyful moment.

At the wedding, Usagi reveals that she is pregnant with Chibiusa.


  • It is unknown what happened to Luna, Artemis, and Diana as they did not appear in the this chapter.
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