This page for the fifth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter (episode).
Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Act 5 まこと—セーラージュピター
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Japanese: Act 5 まこと—セーラージュピター
Romanji: Act 5 Makoto seeraa juptaa
Act: 5
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"Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter" is the 5th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 5th chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


A new transfer student arrives at Juban Public Middle School. Meanwhile, Usagi, Ami, and Rei investigate rumors of a cursed bridal shop.


Usagi dreams of herself in a foggy place, with a man in the distance that looks like Mamoru. Luna wakes her up, telling her she's going to be late (again). The rain covers the city and Usagi heads out with her umbrella. On the way to school, Luna tells Usagi she needs to act more responsibly, but she just keeps walking, daydreaming about Tuxedo Mask, whom Luna has told her to stay away from, not knowing his true identity. She is in the middle of the street with a car heading towards her, when a girl runs out and knocks her away from being hit. The girl is much taller than Usagi and wears rose earrings.

At school, Naru tells Usagi and friends about her cousin who is getting married. However, her groom has mysteriously disappeared after staying at work late one night. But, since a June bride finds happiness, they aren't too worried and wish they could be brides.

Then, the girl that saved Usagi earlier walks by. She is stopped by the principal since she is wearing her old school uniform, but she explains that the new one is too small. (She is taller than he is.) Umino comes by and tells Usagi and friends that the new girl is a transfer student with the rumor of being kicked out of her last school for fighting.

By lunch, the weather cleared up, so Usagi heads outside to eat. Usagi sees the new girl and peeks around at tree, noticing her delicious-looking lunch. A baseball heads towards Usagi, but the girl jumps up and catches it before it can hit her. She tells Usagi to pay more attention, and since she's looking at the food so longingly, she offers her some. While Usagi is eating, the new girl mentions everyone is too scared to talk to her and asks about stores in the area, including arcades.

After school, Usagi gladly takes her new friend to the video arcade. While playing Sailor V, Ami and Motoki come in. Motoki introduces himself, and the new girl introduces herself as Makoto. Ami begins to tell them about a rumor she's heard concerning the bridal shop Naru's cousin bought her dress from. It is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a dead bride who will seduce any guys that come near and possess brides.

Usagi, Ami, and Makoto then go to the Sendai Hill temple to see Rei and tell her about the rumors. As Makoto is leaving, Rei predicts they've found the next guardian. That night, the mannequin from the shop floats down and finds Motoki walking home and possesses him. The possessed Motoki finds Makoto and tells her to look into his eyes. Meanwhile, Mamoru is walking, but senses something and snaps his book closed. He begins to change into Tuxedo Mask.

Usagi is sleeping in her bed when Tuxedo Mask comes in her window and leads her with him. Luna wakes just as they are leaving and calls Ami and Rei. Tuxedo Mask leads Usagi to Makoto and Motoki. Usagi notices the bride's ghost and communicates to Luna where the enemy is.

A groom steps into the scene, attracting the attention of the bride's ghost. It turns out the groom is Usagi using the disguise pen when she morphs into Sailor Moon. Along with Mercury and Mars, they tell the enemy to stop taking advantage of women. Makoto hears this and realizes Motoki's seduction was not real. She picks the bride's ghost up over her head and the planet symbol Jupiter appears on her forehead. Luna tosses her a pen and she transforms into the Guardian of Love and Passion, Sailor Jupiter! However, the ghost is just the shadow of the real enemy, Nephrite. Sailor Jupiter sees him and attacks with "Flower Hurricane" which blinds him. She then calls upon her Guardian Planet, Jupiter and uses "Jupiter Thunderbolt!" to destroy Nephrite.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite and Kunzite are the last two remaining warriors. Zoisite is upset over the loss of Nephrite, and Queen Beryl insists they need the Silver Crystal immediately.

As Sailor Moon helps an exhausted Sailor Jupiter, Tuxedo Mask disappears into the night. Luna now realizes he brought Usagi here to help Makoto. Sailor Jupiter explains how Motoki looked like an old boyfriend who broke her heart at her last school. She transferred schools because she felt she needed to fulfill something important, being a Sailor Guardian.

Luna brings out a crescent moon wand for Sailor Moon, and tells her she must lead the guardians and protect the moon princess and the Silver Crystal.

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