Act 50 Stars 1
Act 50 スターズ 1
Act 50 (missdream).jpg
Japanese: Act 50 スターズ 1
Romanji: Act 50 Sutaazu 1
Act: 50
Arc: Stars
Featured Monster: Sailor Iron Mouse
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"Act 50 Stars 1" is the 50th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 1st chapter of the Stars arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Usagi says farewell to Mamoru as he heads off to America for school, and the Sailor Guardians enjoy their new school lives. And meanwhile, the appearance of a new enemy, three mysterious faces, and new Sailor Guardians stuns everyone.


Usagi and Mamoru are sharing a passionate kiss when Usagi notices a shooting star. Mamoru pats her on the head and asks if she wished for anything. She pouts and replies that she wishes for him to stay by her side. He chuckles and the two begin to walk home. Elsewhere, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna look out a window, noting that yet another meteor shower is occurring.

In an unknown place, a young woman with long hair watches a projection, amazed by how bright the light of the Silver Crystal and the Golden Crystal is. She smirks with joy that the light will soon belong to her, how fitting brilliance is for her, who will rule over the universe.

Usagi wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock. Above her bed is a poster of three famous idols. She is crying but says that there is no reason she should be sad.

Hotaru (who has regressed to 9-10 years of age since the end of Dream Arc) greets Chibiusa good morning and the three girls walk to school together. Usagi notices that the two are holding hands and are rather irritated by it. Hotaru points out that she holds Mamoru's hand. Angrily, Usagi stomps in between the two and runs off to greet Minako, Ami, and Makoto at their high school.

Haruka and Michiru are also heading to school. Haruka yawns, claiming that it's a pain to wake up early almost every morning, in comparison to Michiru, who is happy with their new school life. Setsuna is working as a nurse at Juuban Municipal Primary School, with the students jealous that she is Hotaru's mother.

In class, Minako passes Usagi a note, asking if she would like to walk home with her after school, but she declines. After school, the reason Usagi was depressed was due to Mamoru leaving to study abroad in America, and that she was leaving school to see him off. Minako mentions that she wanted to show her her Three Lights video. The Three Lights are a trio of three boys, consisting of the girly Yaten Kou, the mature Taiki Kou, and the coolest and most popular of the three, Seiya Kou. Even though they only recently debuted, they are very popular and that they already have their own fan club. Michiru is slightly impressed by this because she knows that their first live performance with being at the Fantastic International Music Festival, and only knows this because she is performing at the same event. The girls begin heading to their respective clubs. Makoto pokes at Minako on how she is relaxed. She tells her they have the right to be at peace after their last fight.

In her office, Setsuna wonders how long their current peace will last.

At the airport, Usagi tries not to cry as she says goodbye to Mamoru, trying to say goodbye with a happy smile. He promises to call and write to her often, and that he will return home soon. Before getting on the plane, he hands Usagi a small box. She opens it up to find a heart-shaped ring, and he puts it on her left ring finger. The two share a kiss, he begins to tell her "Usagi, when I come back..." but is unable to finish when there is a flash and his body crumbles. The Golden Crystal appears when it is snatched by a woman in a gold metallic uniform. The woman disappears and Usagi faints. Luckily, Seiya Kou is there to catch her as she falls. A crowd of girls notice them as the Three Lights and swarm after them, but they escape into a taxi.

Later, Usagi wakes up and Seiya notices that she has the scent of fragrant olive. He tells her that they will be arriving in Juban soon. Usagi, still dazed, asks them to let her out and gets out of the taxi and walks away, with Yaten is rather irritated that she didn't thank them.

The next morning, Usagi wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock. At school, she meets up with the others. Minako asks if they shared a passionate parting kiss, but Usagi doesn't answer. The girls are also shocked and excited to see a ring on Usagi's left ring finger. She tells them that Mamoru gave it to her, got on the plane, and left for America; still unaware of what has really happened.

Elsewhere, Chibiusa has decided to return home to Crystal Tokyo and tell her mother about the Pink Moon Crystal, the Sailor Quartet and everything else that has happened. The Outer Sailor Guardians believe it's a great idea, but Hotaru is rather depressed that she is leaving. She smiles and tells them she will return soon and fades away. The Inner Sailor Guardians note that with both Mamoru and Chibiusa have gone it's gotten rather lonely. Usagi mutters that Chibiusa will be back soon and that Mamoru will be writing and calling. Minako notices that a blunt daze has captured Usagi.

At the music festival, the girls are watching Haruka and Michiru's performance, when all of a sudden, the Three Lights appear on stage. Minako is excited that they're performing together. Backstage, Taiki and Yaten introduce themselves and compliment Michiru on her performance. Seiya introduces himself to Haruka. He compliments that he likes how she runs, how it's like the wind. He shakes her hand and says they have much in common. The idol group is then called out for an encore performance, with Haruka wondering who they are really.

In the back, a strange girl is happy that she has found 10 Sailor Crystal holders. She smiles with joy that "Lady Galaxia" will be pleased. Introducing herself as Sailor Iron Mouse, she uses her power and attacks the crowd, causing mass hysteria. The Sailor Guardians transform. Iron Mouse uses an attack called Galactica Crunch. Uranus and Neptune counter it with Space Turbulence and Submarine Violin Tide, but the powers are sucked up by her bracelets.

Then, from out of nowhere, a voice shouts Star Sensitive Inferno and Iron Mouse is attacked and turns to dust. Her bracelet clatters to the floor and crumbles away as well. On stage, three mysterious female figures in leather clothes stand. They vanish without a word, with the Solar System Sailor Guardians shocked to see them, wondering who they are.

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