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“Act 47 Dream 9 - Dead Moon Dream”
Act 47 Raw
Act 47 夢9—デッド・ムーン・ドリーム
Act 47 Yume 9 Deddo Muun Dorimu





Act 46 - Dream 8, Elysion Dream


Act 48 - Dream 10, Princess Dream

Super Sailor Moon faces off against the Queen of the Dead Moon to protect the planet. Once the other Super Sailor Guardians are released from the mirror fragments, they join their strength with Super Sailor Moon


Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask fall to the ground, and the Sailor Guardians see their princess dead. Darkness begins to spread further around the planet. Everyone's bodies rot and melt. Luna, Artemis and Diana fear the worst, but they're sure they can't be beaten so easily. Tuxedo Mask snap Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Guardians back to reality, with the visions of death being just nightmares, Tuxedo Mask breaking free of the nightmare on his own.

The Super Sailor Guardians use their combined power against Zirconia forcing her to retreat into the mirror, with Sailor Moon following behind, separating her from the others. Sailor Moon is confronted by Nehellenia and uses Moon Gorgeous Meditation to free Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn from the mirror shards. The Sailor Guardians outside attack using Mercury Aqua Rhaspody and Sailor Jupiter's single the mirror and damage it, which hurts Nehellenia. With their queen hurt, the Dead Moon Circus retreats to Elysion to regroup. The Guardians follow them to Elysion and find Helios not responding to Sailor Chibi Moon's calls, having used up his strength to protect the planet, but believeing that he's still alive if the Earth is still standing. They see the Dead Moon's ship arrive with Nehellenia aboard.

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