“Act 46 Dream 8 - Elysion Dream”
Act 46 Raw
Act 46 夢8—エリュシオン・ドリーム
Act 46 Yume 8 Eryushion Dorīmu





Act 45 - Dream 7, Mirror Dream


Act 47 - Dream 9, Dead Moon Dream

"Act 46 Dream 8 - Elysion Dream" is the 46th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 6th chapter of the Dream arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


In spite of the curse eating away at them, Usagi and Mamoru learn more about Helios and Elysion, the realm of dreams that he is guardian priest of. They also we're told more about the Golden Crystal that he protects and which will be needed to save the planet from Queen Nehellenia.


Usagi dreams of her and Mamoru as kids, living a married life before being woken by Mamoru. She and Mamoru meet with Helios who shows them that they have been transported to Elysion which has been damaged from the Dead Moon's attack. Helios explains that Elysion lays far beneath the Earth and that it was once a part of the Golden Kingdom where Endymion's family had protected for many years before the fall of the Silver Millennium. The force that protected Elysion as well as the Earth from within was Mamoru's very own crystal of great power, the Golden Crystal.

To save the planet, Usagi has to break the seal that is hiding the Golden Crystal. She realizes that the Golden Crystal must be hidden within Mamoru. The find where Helios is kept prisoner and try to free him, but are stopped by Nehellenia. Before she can hurt them, Helios transports Usagi and Mamoru to the surface. With Helios weakened, the Dead Moon increases its attack on the Earth. Helios uses the last of his strength to purify the planet and give the Senshi a fighting chance. Zirconia appears and sends a powerful, lethal blast through Super Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.


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