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“Act 42 Dream 4 - Jupiter Dream”
Act 42 Raw
Act 42 夢4—ジュピター・ドリーム
Act 42 Yume 4 Jupitā Dorīmu





Act 41 - Dream 3, Mars Dream


Act 43 - Dream 5, Venus Dream

Mamoru pushes Usagi away in order to keep her from knowing how sick he is. Meanwhile, Makoto is attacked by Hawk's Eye, but luckily, receives her Crystal Power-Up from her Sailor Power Guardian, Guardian Jupiter, and her new attack: Jupiter Oak Evolution.


Chibiusa still wonders about Helios and her feelings towards him. She decides to get advice from Makoto. While they talk, they go to the super market and meet an owner of an herb store who arrived with the Dead Moon Circus. The owner gives Makoto two rings that carries a stone called Amazon Stone, one of which Chibiusa gives to Mamoru while he is on bed rest as his disease, which he believes is a curse from the Dead Moon Circus, progresses. Makoto returns to the herb shop where she has tea with the owner, Hawk's Eye. With her tea being spiked by Hawk's Eye, she begins losing consciousness, as Lemures emerge from her ring and attack her. In her mind, she is confronted by Guardian Jupiter, who gives Makoto her Sailor Crystal and Makoto awakens and becomes Super Sailor Jupiter and destroys Hawk's Eye. Chibiusa's Crystal Carillon glows, summoning Helios, taking them to Mamoru, who is being attacked be Lemures. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon destroy the Lemures and discover Mamoru coughing up black blood.


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