This page for the third chapter of the manga series. For the episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars (episode).
Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Act 3 レイ—セーラーマーズ
Japanese Act 3
Japanese: Act 3 レイ—セーラーマーズ
Romanji: Act 3 Rei -Seeraa Maazu
Act: 3
Arc: Dark Kingdom
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"Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars" is the 3rd chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 3rd chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


After several mysterious disappearances on the Sendai Hill, Usagi and Luna go to Hikawa Shrine, a shrine on Sendai Hill, to investigate, and there they meet a shrine maiden named Rei Hino who has strange psychic powers.


Once again, the scene opens in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite being rebuked by Queen Beryl for failing twice. Another warrior, Nephrite, boasts that he could do better. As the warriors gather around the queen, they question her as to what the Legendary Silver Crystal is. She informs them it is a source of endless energy, the one who has it controls the universe. She gives Jadeite one last chance to redeem himself.

A beautiful young shrine priestess meditates before a fire. Her name is Rei Hino and she is sensing something evil is coming. As a group leaves the shrine at Sendai Hill, we realize the driver is none other than Jadeite. When Rei turns around, the bus vanishes as it drives away.

The next day, Usagi is sleeping on her desk at school. Luna wakes her up and talks her into a planning meeting with Ami by saying it's to be held at the video arcade. At the meeting, Luna talks to Ami while the Sailor V game distracts Usagi. Luna tells Ami of their need to find the princess and the Legendary Silver Crystal. After Usagi wins a level of the game, a prize of watches comes out, which Luna informs them as being remote communicators for them to use.

Ami leaves the arcade, needing to go study, and Usagi follows her unto the bus, where they see the shrine priestess Rei. Usagi is mesmerized by her and follows her to Sendai Hill, even after Ami leaves. After following Rei to the temple, Usagi is attacked by a group of crows. This leads Rei to believe there is an evil spirit. After throwing her paper scroll, Rei realizes she made a mistake; it was just a girl and not a demon. Usagi is a little scared but still thinks Rei is exotic and pretty and hopes they can be friends. The crowd whispers about Rei and the temple's connection to the "Demon Bus" disappearances, but Luna wonders if she may be the princess.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite has been collecting the girls that have disappeared on the bus to use as bait for Sailor Moon. He hopes to give both the humans and the Sailor Senshi to the great master.

At school, people talk about the vanishing buses, which Luna thinks the enemy may have a connection to. She urges Usagi to check out the temple again and they take the bus up to Sendai Hill. On the bus, Luna tells Usagi she can contact Ami and then starts wiggling a meowing, and Usagi asks what she was saying. Then, we see the same guy Usagi keeps running into sitting close by, jokingly telling Luna to "go ahead and say it." Usagi freaks and asks him why he is there. He pulls out his id and we learn his name is Mamoru Chiba, a high school student who takes this bus to school. His profile reminds Usagi of Tuxedo Mask, and he looks at her and murmurs "Guardian of Justice". Usagi and Luna are both freaked out, thinking he's too sharp and may eventually figure out her identity.

At Sendai Hill, a crowd gathers, asking Rei to find the missing girls. When she tells them her powers don't work that way, they get upset. They even go so far as to accuse her of being a part of the mystery. She sends them all home, and Usagi feels sorry for her while wondering why the enemy does not appear to be searching for the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Rei once again meditates before her fire in the shrine. She sees the enemy grabbing Usagi and senses the danger. This leads her to run for the bus, where she realizes the driver is the enemy from her vision. Jadeite forces her onto the bus.

As Usagi and Luna walk down the street, they see the bus pass by, with Rei unconscious in one of the windows. Usagi transforms into a stewardess by using the Disguise pen and grabs unto the disappearing bus. Luna falls off and lands in Tuxedo Mask's arms. Usagi disappears with the bus, leaving Tuxedo Mask and Luna behind.

Usagi is in the Dark Kingdom, but can still talk to Luna and Ami through their communicators. Luna tells Usagi to transforms and Ami transforms while Luna warps her to Usagi's position.

Jadeite has grabbed Rei and Sailor Mercury uses her fog, which is frozen into crystals by Jadeite and falls uselessly to the ground. Luna tells Sailor Moon not to cry, but attack. She uses her Moon Frisbee attack, which Jadeite blocks, but then it encircles him, trapping him by surprise.

The symbol of the planet Mars appears on Rei's forehead. Luna gives her a pen and she tells Rei to transform into Sailor Mars and she does so. Using her fire, Sailor Mars burns Jadeite to a crisp. They gather everyone captured and Luna warps them back to the temple.

Sailor Mars is a bit disoriented by her discovery, but Sailor Moon and Mercury are happy to have found another Sailor Guardian. Back in the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is enraged by the fate of the warrior Jadeite.

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  • When Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury fall to the ground, their skirts flipped showing the bottom half of their bodysuits / leotards. This is only time in the manga.
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