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“Act 39 Dream 1 - Eclipse Dream”
Act 39 Raw
Act 39 夢1—日食ドリーム
Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dorīmu





Act 38 - Infinity 12, Infinite, Journey


Act 40 - Dream 2, Mercury Dream

During the total solar eclipse, a mysterious traveling circus called "the Dead Moon Circus" appears in Juuban. Meanwhile, in her dreams, Chibiusa befriends a white horse with angel wings called Pegasus, who pleads for her help and that she keep their meeting secret.


As Usagi, Mai, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, and Chibiusa observe the solar eclipse, a great ship appears from it, claiming that the Dead Moon Circus has arrived. In a split second, the ship and the Pegasus have all vanished. Traveling to the shopping district, Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa see that a circus called Dead Moon has quickly and unexpectedly setup in Tokyo. They visit the area where Usagi and Chibiusa buy two kaleidoscopes.

That night, the circus leader, Zirconia, summons the Amazoness Quartet. They create a barrier over Juuban to keep others from interfering with their plans. Meanwhile, Chibiusa dreams of riding a Pegasus over Tokyo, when she sees Juuban covered in darkness. The Pegasus give Chibiusa a small bell and tells her that she can use it to call for him. He says he needs her help to save Elysion and he needs the Golden Crystal. Chibiusa wakes up to find the Crystal Carillon.

As Chibiusa tries to use the time key to go to the future, it is blocked by the newly formed barrier. This catches the attention of the Dead Moon Circus and the Amazoness Quartet send a tiger to go after them. Usagi and Chibiusa try to transform into their Super forms, but without the Outer Senshi to lend their power, the Holy Grails do not work. Their broaches change form and they are able to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon permanently. Seeing these new enemies, the Quartet summon dark shadow creatures called Lemures to attack the Senshi. Chibi Moon uses the bell to summon Pegasus and he transforms their kaleidoscopes into new weapons to fight. They use Moon Gorgeous Meditation and destroy the Lemures.

As Tuxedo Mask arrives, he collapses because of pain in his chest, which he had felt ever since the eclipse occurred. At the circus, the Dead Moon plots on how to fight the Super Sailor Senshi. One of the Amazoness Quartet, PallaPalla uses her orb and transforms the tiger, a fish, and a hawk into humanoid beings called the Amazon Trio. She then casts a reverse spell on Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. When the two Senshi return to their civilian forms, Usagi is a child while Chibiusa is a teenager.

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