This page for the thirty-fourth chapter of the manga series. For the episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 34 Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1 (episode).
Act 34 Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1
Act 34 無限8—「無限迷宮」1
Act 34 Raw
Japanese: Act 34 無限8—「無限迷宮」1
Romanji: Act 34 Mugen 8 Mugen Meikyuu 1
Act: 34
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"Act 34 Infinity 8 "Infinite Labyrinth" 1" is the 34th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 8th chapter of the Infinity arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


The Sailor Guardians gather at Mugen Academy to take on the challenges of traveling through the Infinite Labyrinth.


At the hospital, the doctors inform Usagi, Mamoru and the others that Chibiusa's heart stopped. The Outer Sailor Guardians tell the others that while a being has taken Hotaru's body, due to the talismans not reacting they conclude that it is not Sailor Saturn but one of the Death Busters. They also realize that they toke Chibiusa's soul as well as the Silver Crystal. The outers agree that the only way they could save Chibiusa and the world is by destroying Hotaru, regardless of Usagi's objection. In order to keep Chibiusa alive, Mamoru creates a connection to share his energy with her, while Usagi and the others go to face the Death Busters.

The newly awakened Daimon possessing Hotaru's body, Mistress 9, has taken her position as Pharaoh 90's partner and has ordered Kaolinite to destroy the Sailor Guardians, while Mistress 9 presents the Silver Crystal to Pharaoh 90. Using her magic, Kaolinite resurrects the Witches 5. Each of the Inner Sailor Guardians is captured by one of the Witches 5. The Outer Sailor Guardians breakthrough outside the building and destroy the Witches 5 and rescue the Inner Sailor Guardians. Combining their powers again, Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon and they make their way to the principal's office. There, they face Kaolinite, who transforms into a daimon and is destroyed by Sailor Moon.

Mistress 9 realizes eight Sailor Guardians are close now and to gain more power, she swallows the Silver Crystal, thus shutting out Hotaru's consciousness.

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