This page for the thirty-third chapter of the manga series. For the episode of thePretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 33 Infinity 7 Transformation - Super Sailor Moon - (episode).
Act 33 Infinity 7 Transformation - Super Sailor Moon -
Act 33 無限7—変身 スーパーセーラームーン
Act 33 Raw
Japanese: Act 33 無限7—変身 スーパーセーラームーン
Romanji: Act 33 Mugen 7 Henshin Supaa Seeraaa Muun
Act: 33
Arc: Infinity
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"Act 33 Infinity 7 Transformation - Super Sailor Moon -" is the 33rd chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 7th chapter of the Infinity arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Using the Holy Grail and the combined powers of the Sailor Guardians, Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon for the first time.


Broken from their trance, the Sailor Senshi see the Holy Grail appear before Sailor Moon. The Outer Sailor Senshi's talismans pour their power into the grail and the Inner Sailor Senshi pour their power into it as well. Sailor Moon drinks from the Grail, causing the Sailor Senshi's broaches to change shape and Sailor Moon powers up to Super Sailor Moon. The power is felt by the Death Busters and Hotaru as well as a mysterious being within her. Sailor Moon destroys Cyprine and Ptitol with Rainbow Moon Heartache.

The Outer Sailor Senshi are surprised that the Talismans reacted the way that they did when they had resonated. The Outer Sailor Senshi decide that it was time to tell Sailor Moon the truth of their mission. They told her of the story of the last time their talismans resonated as they did. During the Silver Millenium, after the moon was attacked and Serenity ended her life in grief, the Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had to watch from a distance. In the end, their talismans resonated and they had awakened the tenth and last Sailor Guardian who was never to awaken: Sailor Saturn. Sailor Saturn used her Silence Glaive and had ended all life in the Solar System, effectively ending the little ruins of Silver Millennium.

They continue to explain that Sailor Saturn will only awaken when the end draws near and she will end everything and everyone once more. They mention that in their investigation of Mugen, they realized that the spirit/soul of Sailor Saturn herself has been reborn and reincarnated as fifteen-year-old Hotaru Tomoe. To stop Sailor Saturn from awakening, the Outer Sailor Senshi plan to kill Hotaru.

Sailor Chibi Moon runs to Hotaru's house to stop the Outer Sailor Senshi from killing her. Hotaru, lying unconscious, awakens as Chibi Moon approaches her. Hotaru's eyes have a monstrous appearance and steal Chibiusa's, Silver Crystal. Hotaru's body begins to change, with her hair growing long, her body growing taller and the symbol of the Death Busters appearing on her forehead.

Chibiusa is found unconscious, no longer breathing.

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  • This act revealed for the first time what had happened to the Silver Millennium after Queen Serenity died using the vast power of the Silver Crystal to save all of her people.
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