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This page is for the thirteenth episode of the second anime series. For the thirteenth chapter of the manga, please see Act 32 - Infinity 6, Three Guardians.
Act 32 - Infinity 6, Three Guardians (episode)
SMC; Act-32 Ep-Title Card
Act 32 無限6—3戦士
Act 32 Mugen 6 San Senshi

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Air date

May 16, 2016


Act 31 - Infinity 5, Sailor Pluto: Setsuna Meiou


Act 33 - Infinity 7, Transformation: Super Sailor Moon


Act 32 - Infinity 6: Three Guardians is the thirty third episode of the second anime series, and the seventh episode of the third season.


Everyone is elated with the return of Sailor Pluto, who along with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, reveals more about the destruction of the Moon Kingdom of Silver Millennium and presents the third and final talisman - the Garnet Orb that rests on her Garnet Rod. Elsewhere, Cyprine has a plan to turn the Sailor Senshi against each other.



Changes from the Manga

  • Usagi and Chibiusa hear news of Mugen from reading a newspaper.
  • Professor Tomoe chastises Kaolinite after she broke one of his beakers.
  • Kaolinite meets with Cyprine in person at the lab.
  • It is not shown that the Silver Crystal caused Usagi and Chibiusa to resist Cyprine's mind control.
  • The Senshi's attacks are not displayed when they attack one another.
  • The Deep Aqua Mirror does not display the ability to create a barrier.

Changes from the Original Anime

  • The Holy Grail is summoned by the three talismans coming together; the talismans had nothing to do with the spirit of Sailor Saturn.
  • Usagi did not become Princess Serenity, except in a vision when she had received the Cosmic Heart Compact and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod.
  • The Sailor Soldiers were not forced to fight one another by the Witches 5.
  • Hotaru's late mother never appeared in flashbacks or photographs.
  • Hotaru was never being experimented on as a cyborg.
  • Cyprine uses her powers to gather Mugen students and steal their pure hearts using a statue of the Messiah of Silence.
  • Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto never fought Cyprine and Ptilol.
  • The stars on Cyprine and Ptilol's staffs were blue and red respectively.
  • Cyprine and Ptilol attacked the Senshi by absorbing their attacks into their staffs and launching a powerful energy blast at them.
  • The Deep Aqua Mirror did not have the ability to create a shield.
  • Cyprine did not have the attack Ribbon Buster.

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