This page for the second chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the Sailor Mercury Crystal, please see Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury (episode).
Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury
Act 2 亜美—セーラーマーキュリー
Japanese Act 2
Japanese: Act 2 亜美—セーラーマーキュリー
Romanji: Act 2 Ami - Seeraa Maakyurii
Act: 2
Arc: Dark Kingdom
Featured Monster: Unamed Youma
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"Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury" is the 2nd chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 2nd chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Luna suspects that one of Usagi's classmates, Ami Mizuno, could be another Sailor Senshi and one of Usagi's allies. Meanwhile, Jadeite, one of Shitennou of the Dark Kingdom, uses a cram school to drain energy and make slaves.


In an unidentified place, a long-haired woman chides a blonde-haired man (the same man from the end of the last act) about not finding the Silver Crystal. He apologizes. The long-haired woman explains the great ruler needs energy, and that they must gather it and find the Silver Crystal. The man says he understands and that he, the Dark Kingdom's Far East Commander, Jadeite, promises to Queen Beryl that he will locate the Silver Crystal.

Usagi returns home as her mother is cooking dinner. As Luna saunters into the kitchen, Ikuko Tsukino calls Luna a crescent-baldie and tells her dinner isn't ready yet, and in return, Luna scratches Ikuko. Usagi reminds her mother that the cat's name is Luna and that if she keeps calling her baldie, she will get scratched. Usagi heads to her room and says she is hungry. Usagi catches Luna peaking into her room, and Usagi says that she should be hungry. She asks Luna if she will be living at her place to keep an eye on her, and Luna scolds her for forgetting that she just recently became the Champion of Justice, Sailor Moon and that she should realize that the enemy will appear again. Usagi exclaims that she never wants to be in the same kind of situation as the one before ever again and Luna comments that it's always with the tears. Usagi asks Luna who the enemies are, and Luna explains that they are not human (though Usagi saw it herself.) Luna also explains that the enemies are evil, and should not be allowed to live in their world. She urges Usagi to find her fellow soldiers, and protect the princess. After hearing of allies, Usagi casually asks Luna if Tuxedo Mask and Sailor V are allies, and Luna responds saying that she already has a hint of who her first ally will be.

At night, while Usagi is asleep, Luna is at the Game Center Crown, working on a computer. She eventually comes upon information on a girl named Ami Mizuno.

The next day, at Juban Public Middle School, everyone is talking about Ami Mizuno has the top score on the entrance exams and question if she is even human. Usagi is with her friends, and Umino mentions that Ami Mizuno's success is due to her going to the Crystal Seminar. Naru mentions that the Crystal Seminar was built next to the game center, and it is really expensive. Umino says that Ami's mother is a doctor. Naru mentions that it must be nice to live in a world where you are rich and smart, but Yumiko explains that Ami has a cold personality, has no friends, and all she does is study.

After school, Usagi is looking at her bad grades on her report card and is afraid that her mother will send her to night school. As she is walking home, Usagi sees Ami walking home, when Luna suddenly jumps on Ami. Ami tells Luna that she startled her and starts to pet her. Luna sees Usagi and hops onto her. Usagi apologizes to Ami, asking her if she is alright. Ami says that the way Luna fell, she thought she was an angel. Usagi wonders about Luna being an angel, causing Ami to blush. Usagi casually asks if she is Ami Mizuno from Class 5, and introduces herself and Luna, but what Usagi is really thinking is that if she and Ami became friends, Ami could teach her which parts of the textbooks would most likely be on the tests and she could be a super genius as well. After Luna scampers off, Usagi asks Ami if she would like to go to the game center with her.

At the Game Center Crown, Usagi is playing the Sailor V game. After playing multiple times, she lets Ami have a turn. As Ami plays the game, a crowd begins to gather the game and watch Ami. Ami achieves a high score on the game, and a pen falls out of the machine. Usagi becomes jealous and complains that she wants a pen, too. After hitting the machine, a different pen falls out of the machine. While Usagi is happy to get a pen, Motoki Furuhata is hoping Usagi did not break the machine, while Ami is laughing. Usagi tells Ami can call her Usagi, and asks her if it is ok to calls her Ami. Ami says it is ok to call her Ami. Ami realizes that it is time for her to go to the Crystal Seminar, and Usagi is shocked to hear that Ami goes there every day. Ami explains that she wants to become a doctor like her mother and she wants to do her best.

At the Crystal Seminar, the students are taking their lessons. The class's instructor walks over Ami and says she has high expectations of her. She tells Ami she must keep up her studies to stay ahead of everyone. Ami silently replies with a yes.

In the school's locker room, Naru suggested that they stop at the ice cream shop on the corner. Usagi excitedly replies with a yes. Usagi turns to see her friend Kuri leaving to go to the Crystal Seminar and Yumiko comments that a lot of people are going to the seminar lately. Usagi asks if going there really makes a difference. Naru explains that all of the lesson plans are on the computer, and learn various subjects from discs and bring them home to study. Usagi curiously mutters "Discs?"

In the computer lab at school, Ami is studying the information on her discs but is making her mind foggy and decides to take down notes instead to see if she'll remember the lesson better. Usagi finds Ami in the lab and cheerful notices that she is also using her pen that she got from the game center. Usagi asks Ami if she would like to stop with her and her friends at the ice cream shop on the way home. Two students pass by saying they have to quickly get to the Crystal Seminar. Upon hearing that, Ami remembers what her instructor said and says she has to go to the seminar and leaves. A bit sad that Ami does not want to go with Usagi to get ice cream, she realizes that Ami left her disc by the computer and decides to return it to her.

While walking to return the discs, Usagi and Luna see a woman handing out fliers for free enrollment to the Crystal Seminar. The woman hands one to Usagi, and both Usagi and Luna see a picture of Ami on the flier, along with a message saying "You too can become a genius with the crystal discs". Luna suggests that Usagi should sign up for the Crystal Seminar, but Usagi just crumples up the flier and tosses it over her head, only to hit a man in the face. The man yells at Usagi that he is not a trash can, and she realizes it is the same guy from the other day. The man asks her if the cat with her talk. Usagi panics and tells him that he must be stupid, and runs away. The man stares at Usagi as she runs away until he is offered a flier.

After running away, Luna shows Usagi that the disc on the flier is the same disc that Ami dropped and wants to see what is on it. In the computer lab, Luna inserts the disc into the computer but claims that all she sees is usual lessons for school. Usagi thinks there is a secret version somewhere on the disc and starts to hit the computer, but Luna yells at Usagi to stop. A recording on the disc begins to play, telling the user to give themselves to the Dark Kingdom and help to search for the Silver Crystal. At the same time, the man whom Usagi ran into is listening to the same recording. Usagi glances out the window and sees the group from the Crystal Seminar. She spots Ami in the group, and she has been brainwashed. Luna tells Usagi to use the pen she got from the arcade to transform. Usagi throws the pen up into the air, yells "Moon Power," and transforms into a doctor and rushes to save Ami.

Usagi manages to snap Ami out of the brainwash and then runs into the classroom where other students are studying. Luna tells her to transform, which she does, even though she doesn't want to. The teacher, actually a Youma, makes papers fly at Sailor Moon, giving her lots of paper cuts. She cries, and her odango covers activate again, breaking the windows. While Luna warns her not to cry or she could hurt the students, the youma grabs Ami, who luna tells to use her pen. Then a mark appears on Ami's forehead and the room fills with fog. Sailor Moon is picked up by Tuxedo Mask, who tells her to take care and protect her friend, then disappears. She then defeats the youma and it's revealed Ami is Sailor Mercury, solder of water and wisdom. Usagi is happy because she has an ally and a new friend.

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