This page is for the third episode of the twenty-eighth act of Sailor Moon Crystal. For the twenty-eighth chapter of the manga, please see Act 28 Infinity 2 Ripples.
Act 28 Infinity 2 Ripples
Act 28 無限2—波紋
SMC; Act-28 Ep-Title Card
Japanese: Act 28 無限2—波紋
Romanji: Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Airing Information


Writer: Yuuji Kobayashi
Episode Director: Yashiro Shun
Animation Director: Paul Año-Nuevo

Airdate (JP): April 18, 2016
Airdate (US): October 27, 2017
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"Act 28 Infinity 2 Ripples" is the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of Sailor Moon Crystal and the 29th episode overall. It aired in Japan on April 18, 2016, and in North America on October 27, 2017.


Usagi, Chibiusa, and the others are still puzzled by the arrival of two masked warriors who appear as Sailor Guardians. Are they enemies or allies? Meanwhile, Chibiusa befriends the mysterious girl Hotaru Tomoe, who harbors a dark secret in spite of her ill health.



Changes from the Manga

  • In the manga, when Sailor Mars used Mars Snake Fire on Eudial, Eudial transformed into a hideous Gorgon-like Daimon.
  • Sailor Mercury doesn't save Sailor Mars or Jupiter with Mercury Aqua Mist from a fire blast made by Eudial.

Changes from the 90s Anime

  • Hotaru did not appear until Mimete took charge of collecting Heart Crystals after Eudial's death.
  • Professor Tomoe never scolded his daughter for being rude to Kaolinite.
  • The Death Busters wanted to find and gather the three talismans to obtain the Holy Grail, not to destroy them.
  • Eudial had no magical abilities and never carried a magic staff. She used mechanical fire weapons, such as an advanced flamethrower to unleash bursts of flame.
  • Eudial never posed as a student/faculty member of Mugen Academy.
  • Eudial was field commander for many episodes before her demise halfway through the third season. She was then replaced by Mimete.
  • Eudial perished in a car crash after Mimete cut the brakes of her vehicle.
  • Eudial didn't attack multiple targets at the same time. Her only goal was to locate potential victims who could hold a talisman within them.
  • Usagi and the others did not connect Haruka and Michiru to be the civilian identities of the new Sailor Senshi.
  • Sailor Uranus never kissed Sailor Moon.
  • Sailor Mars never used her Mars Snake Fire attack.
  • Only Usagi's birthday was celebrated in the Sailor Moon S season.
  • Haruka was not taking a judo lesson, even though she was already quite experienced in high levels of martial arts.

First Appearances





  • Eudial's demented face before being finished by Moon Spiral Heart Attack is very reminiscent of the monstrous faces many of the villains make before being destroyed in the manga.
  • Eudial's death seems to reference the 90s anime in some ways:
    • She is shown being hit by the attack from a rearview like many of the Daimons from Sailor Moon S.
    • The Daimon Egg rising out and disappearing is similar to the Daimon Eggs coming out and vanishing in the 90s anime.
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