This page is for the twenty-sixth episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. For the twenty-sixth chapter of the manga, please see Act 26 Replay - Never Ending
Act 26 Replay - Never Ending
SMC; Act-26 Replay, Never Ending Ep-Title Card
Japanese: Act 26 再生—NEVER ENDING
Romanji: Act 26 Saisei NEVER ENDING
Airing Information


Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Episode Director: Munehisa Sakai
Animation Director: Akira Takahashi and Yukie Sakou

Airdate (JP): July 18, 2015
Airdate (US): May 6, 2016
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"Act 26 Replay - Never Ending" is the 26th episode of the Sailor Moon Crystal and the final episode of the 2nd season. It aired in Japan on July 18, 2015, and in North America on May 6, 2016.


The showdown between the true self of Wiseman and the newly formed six Sailor Guardians of the White Moon commences. Sailor Chibi Moon is ready to fight alongside Sailor Moon and save her homeland. But will their combined strength be enough to save both the past and the future?



Changes from the Manga

Changes from the 90's Anime

  • Neo Queen Serenity's awakening and King Endymion's spirit returning to his body were not shown onscreen.
  • Sailor Chibi Moon never received a smaller version of the Cutie Moon Rod.
  • Sailor Moon, as Neo-Queen Serenity and Chibiusa in her own Princess form both tapped into the full strength of their respective Silver Crystals and annihilated Death Phantom and the Malefic Black Crystal for good.
  • Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus were never given stronger planetary powers that enabled them to transform into their third evolutions under their own strength. They continued to transform into Sailor Guardians via "Star Power" until they evolved into Super Sailor Guardians from Pegasus's power in the fourth season.
  • Usagi received the Cosmic Heart Compact in the second episode of the third season when she and Tuxedo Mask had combined their strong love. In a vision, she became Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask became Prince Endymion, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod appeared between them and the broken Crystal Star then became the Cosmic Heart Compact.
  • Sailor Moon never met her future self, Neo Queen Serenity face-to-face. Besides, the Inner Sailor Senshi, Luna, and Artemis did not do it the same with their future selfs, too.
  • Chibiusa did not return from the future until later on in the third season to have proper training as a Sailor Guardian.

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  • This episode officially concludes the Black Moon saga; the second story arc of the manga.
  • After the end of the episode, the final frame ends with 'À bientôt', a message which means "see you soon".
  • When Chibiusa returns from the future with a letter from her mother, she is wearing the Cosmic Heart Compact. This is was corrected in the Viz Media English dub.
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