This page is for the twenty-fourth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the twenty-fourth episode of the second anime series, please see Act 24 Attack - Black Lady - (episode).
Act 24 Attack - Black Lady -
Act 24 攻撃—ブラックレディー
Japanese: Act 24 攻撃—ブラックレディー
Romanji: Act 24 Kougeki Burakku Redi
Act: 24
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"Act 24 Attack - Black Lady -" is the 24th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 11th chapter of the Black Moon arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Black Lady and a brainwashed Mamoru attack the Sailor Guardians, Prince Demande seizes the Silver Crystals of the past and future, and Wiseman reveals that he is the Death Phantom.


The Sailor Senshi stares in shock that Chibiusa has become Black Lady. Wiseman, Saphir, and Demande appear on the battlefield and attack the Sailor Senshi. Black Lady reveals that since the second monolith has appeared, everything and everyone are beginning to vanish. She orders Tuxedo Mask to attack Sailor Moon, which he does.

Black Lady attacks Sailor Moon and summons a third Black Crystal monolith to embed into the Earth. Wiseman taunts Sailor Moon and she gets ready to fight. Demande breaks free of Wiseman's control and is forced to kill Saphir. He attacks Wiseman and reveals that the hooded form was just a skeletal puppet.

The sky darkens and the planet Nemesis lowers from the clouds, and it speaks, saying Wiseman is Nemesis. Sailor Moon tries to use her power to keep Nemesis from crushing the palace. Black Lady has Tuxedo Mask steal Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. He breaks free from her control, but only too late as Black Lady takes the crystal from him. Meanwhile, Pluto senses that the future is in danger, but cannot leave because of the three taboos she took as the Guardian of Time.

Diana appears and promises to watch the time gate in her place, and Pluto gladly goes to Crystal Tokyo. Back at Crystal Tokyo, Black Lady has both the Silver Crystals of the past and the future in her possession. Demande attacks Black Lady and steals both crystals from her. He plans to put them both together, which Sailor Pluto says, will destroy everything and everyone of both the future and the past.



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