This page is for the twenty-first chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the twenty-first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 21 - Complication, Nemesis (episode).
“Act 21 Complication - Nemesis”
Act 21 Japanese
Act 21 錯綜—ネメシス
Act 21 Sakusou Nemeshisu





Act 20 - Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion


Act 22 - Hidden Agenda, Nemesis

"Act 21 Complication - Nemesis" is the 21st chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 8th chapter of the Black Moon arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Alone in the kingdom of the enemy, Sailor Moon finds herself stranded on planet Nemesis, and learns about the Black Moon Clan's plan from Prince Demande himself who reveals his romantic attraction to Neo-Queen Serenity.


Usagi awakens on Nemesis and is confronted by Demande. He tells her of how they rebelled against Neo-Queen Serenity, and how they were guided by Wiseman to go to Nemesis to see the power of the Black Crystal.

After they attacked Crystal Tokyo, they planned to go back in time and rewrite history in their favor. He says that when he attacked Crystal Tokyo, he saw Neo Queen Serenity and was immediately romantically smitten with her.

Since he could not have her, he kidnapped Usagi instead. Usagi tries to transform, but the power of the Black Crystal prevents it. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Venus are told that Nemesis is acting like a black hole, absorbing energy, and approaching it is dangerous.

Luna suggests that since Chibiusa is Serenity's daughter, she should have some way of using the Silver Crystal. King Endymion says Chibiusa does not possess any special abilities or skills. King Endymion explains how the conflict with the Black Moon all started.

A dangerous criminal known as Death Phantom appeared in Crystal Tokyo and Neo-Queen Serenity was forced to banish him to Nemesis using the Silver Crystal. Years later, rebels appeared calling themselves Black Moon and went to Nemesis to acquire power. Usagi gathers her strength and calls out to Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. In another area of Nemesis, the captured Senshi awaken in their civilian forms, unable to transform.

The air becomes hard to breathe and they lose consciousness. Chibiusa thinks back to the events before the Black Moon attacked her home. She was constantly teased for not having any powers, so she took her mother's Silver Crystal moments before the Black Moon attacked, which led to her mother's suspended animation into a comatose state surrounded in quartz crystal.

Feeling sad and unneeded, she went to visit the only person she considered her only real friend and confidante, Sailor Pluto. However, she accidentally lost the Space-Time Key and got lost in the chaos of the dimension. Wiseman appears before Chibiusa. Wiseman offers her power and she agrees to go with him.



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