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Act 21 Complication - Nemesis (episode)
Act 21 錯綜—NEMESIS
Act 21 Sakusō NEMESIS

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Air date

May 2, 2015


Act 20 - Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion


Act 22 - Hidden Agenda, Nemesis


Act 21 - Complication, Nemesis is the twenty-first episode of the second anime series. It will premiere in Japan on May 2nd, 2015.


Sailor Moon has been taken captive by Prince Demande, leaving Tuxedo Mask deeply worried about her safety. An upset Chibiusa blames herself for all that has happened since she had taken the future Silver Crysta. But will she be able to help rescue Sailor Moon and the other three imprisoned Sailor Senshi from the Black Moon's wrath?



Changes from the Manga

Changes from the Original Anime



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