This page is for the twentieth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the twentieth episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 20 Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion - (episode).
“Act 20 Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion -”
JPN Act 20
Act 20 クリスタル・トーキョー—キングエンディミオン
Act 20 Kurisutaru Tokyo - Kingu endimion





Act 19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto -


Act 21 - Complication, Nemesis

"Act 20 Crystal Tokyo - King Endymion -" is the 20th chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 8th chapter of the Black Moon arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Sailor Moon and the others meet King Endymion, who reveals that in the future, Usagi and Mamoru will become the rulers of Earth and that Chibiusa is their daughter.


The Sailor Senshi are greeted by a hologram of future Tuxedo Mask, King Endymion. He reveals that Chibiusa is the future daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. This means that Neo Queen Serenity is Sailor Moon in the 30th century.

King Endymion told them about the attack on Crystal Tokyo and how Serenity and the rest of them were injured in the attack. The only ones who were uninjured in the attack were Chibiusa and Diana (Artemis and Luna's future daughter).

King Endymion explained that with the power of the Silver Crystal, Neo Queen Serenity was able to grant a longer lifespan to the people and bring peace. However, there were those who did not like the new rule and the black monument appeared and started poisoning the Earth and its people.

He tells them that the place where the Black Moon reigns is the negatively charged, tenth planet, Nemesis. Now the Black Moon Clan plans to invade Earth of the past using the Dark Crystal.

He concludes that the captured Senshi must be held on Nemesis. Seeing Sailor Moon become ill, he tells them to go back to the past because she and Serenity can't exist in the same time period. When Chibiusa travels back to her home, Esmeraude tries to kill her.

Venus, Moon, and Tuxedo Mask arrive and save Chibiusa. Esmeraude is killed by Tuxedo Mask, and King Endymion explains that because there are two Silver Crystals in the same timeline, Sailor Moon can't use hers while in the 30th century. Due to her extremely close resemblance to Neo Queen Serenity herself, Prince Demande appears and captures Sailor Moon.

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