This page for the first chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon (episode).
Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon
Act 1 うさぎ—セーラームーン
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Japanese: Act 1 うさぎ—セーラームーン
Romanji: Act 1 Usagi Seeraa Muun
Act: 1
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"Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon" is the 1st chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series and the 1st chapter of the Dark Kingdom arc. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Fourteen-year-old Usagi Tsukino meets a talking black cat named Luna who informs her that she is really Sailor Moon, a Sailor Senshi of Love and Justice; and that her life's mission is to find and recruit the other four Sailor Senshi to protect both the supremely powerful Silver Crystal and the long-lost Princess of the Moon from the Dark Kingdom.


A newspaper featuring Sailor V appears in the beginning, being read by Ikuko Tsukino. She calls to her daughter saying that it's past 8:00 in the morning. The girl wakes up, terrified that she will be late for school.

The girl introduces herself as Usagi Tsukino, a 14-year-old, second-year middle-school student and a self-described clumsy crybaby. On her way to school, she accidentally steps on a cat and apologizes to her, but the cat scratches her face. Noticing that there are Band-Aids on the cat's forehead, Usagi realizes that she wants them to be removed and takes them off to reveal a crescent moon on its forehead. Usagi stares at the cat for a few seconds but then runs back to the school after hearing the bell. She hurries to school, but is pulled out of class and is put out in the hall instead of being late. She cries for a bit, but then pulls out her lunchbox and starts to eat, having missed breakfast. Haruna Sakurada, Usagi's homeroom teacher, comes out into the hall and yells at her for eating in the hall and about her bad English score, 30/100. Usagi is greeted by her best friend, Naru, and Umino, a classmate whom Usagi finds creepy. Umino gloats about his test score of 95/100 while Naru teases Usagi for being weird. Naru mentions that the only student she wanted to beat on the test was Umino, and Usagi notes that Naru is a pretty, smart, and polite society and considers her test score of 85/100 to be very good.

Later that day, the students head out to eat lunch, and a classmate, Yumiko, remarks that there was another break-in at a jewelry store. Umino points out that the burglars were caught, thanks to Sailor V. When asked by Usagi who she is, Umino explains that Sailor V is a famous champion of justice in a sailor suit, and is rumored to be a special detective from the police headquarters. Usagi's friends then state that they understand why someone would want to steal jewels, and Naru mentions that her mother's jewelry store has been having a large discount sale and invites the girls to come with her after school. The girls excitedly agree.

After school, Usagi, Naru, Yumiko, and another classmate, Kuri, head over to Osa-P, where Naru's mother is enthusiastically promoting her store, which strikes Naru as odd since this is something she has never done before. While Usagi's friends fawn over the jewelry, Usagi is upset because she has no more allowance, and is unlikely to get any jewelry anyway, due to her bad grade on the English test. She leaves the store, crumples the test into a ball, and throws it over her shoulder where it lands on the head of a strange man in a tuxedo, who calls her a bun-head and makes fun of her test score. The man throws the test back at Usagi, telling her to study harder, and Usagi yells at him to mind his own business. After Usagi leaves, the man smiles to himself and says that at this jewelry store, he might find the Silver Crystal.

Not wanting to go home, Usagi makes her way to the Game Center Crown, a local game arcade. Usagi spots a Sailor V Game poster, and wonder what it would be like to be her. She enters the arcade and decided to play the Sailor V game, but is unable to enemies in the game. Usagi is greeted by Motoki Furuhata‏‎, who offers to help her with the game, but the two are interrupted when they hear a meow from behind and turn to find the cat that Usagi had found that morning. She wonders how the cat got inside the game center, and Motoki mentions that the cat has been wandering around the game center for a few days. Usagi laughs and points out that the cat has a crescent-shaped bald spot on its forehead. The cat stares and growls at her, and a perturbed Usagi decides to go home.

Usagi returns home and says hello to her mother Ikuko, who tells her that she is late and asks for her test. She hands over the test to her mother, but Ikuko becomes furious due to her bad grade and tells her if she brings home bad grades, then she shouldn't even bother coming home. Usagi is kicked out of the house, where she runs into her brother, Shingo Tsukino, who is returning from school. He asks if she got kicked out of the house again and calls her stupid. Usagi angrily kicks back, shouting "Sailor V Kick" but Shingo slams the door in her face, resulting in her kicking the door and hurting her foot. She cries loudly, and Shingo reminds his mother if she lets Usagi stay out there, she would start to bother the neighbors. Ikuko relents and opens the door to her daughter.

Elsewhere, girls and women who have bought jewelry from the Osa-P sale are lacking energy. Naru's mother feels the energy she has collected and mused that her energy-stealing jewels work well, but the real thing she is looking for is not in the jewelry store. Naru hears her mother talking to herself and enters the room calling for her. Naru's mother turns toward her with a menacing look on her face, which frightens Naru.

After being let into the house, Usagi returns to her room, saying that her mother doesn't have to be so mad about her test score, and complains that she doesn't want to do her homework. After another moment of crying, Usagi decides to take a nap. She has a dream that she is Sailor V in the video game and takes down a monster, and saves Motoki and the "crescent-shaped bald spot cat," and begins to think about the cat. Usagi is scratched and is woken up, yelling in pain. She sees the cat, and the cat says that it is rude that she called her crescent moon a bald spot. The cat then introduces itself as Luna, and claims that she has been searching for Usagi. She thanks Usagi for taking the bandages off her forehead, but Usagi thinks that it is a dream and decides to go back to sleep. Luna wakes her up and gives Usagi a Transformation Brooch, telling her that she has been chosen to be a Senshi. Usagi is shocked that the brooch is shining, and Luna tells Usagi to shout Moon Prism Power, Make Up, and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon. After becoming Sailor Moon, she hears Naru's screams through her odango covers. A scene shows up on her goggles, showing Naru being choked by her mother. Sailor Moon and Luna rush off to save her.

Back at Osa-P, Naru is still being attacked by her mother and demands why she is trying to kill her. Naru's mother reveals herself as a Youma and explains that she is not her mother, falsely claiming that her real mother is in the basement, dying from starvation. Sailor Moon opens the door and tells the imposter to get away from Naru. The youma asks who she is, and Sailor Moon introduces herself as the Guardian of Love and Justice. The youma says she has never heard of her and awakens the people, whose energy has been drained from the fake jewels, commanding them to kill Sailor Moon. After dodging the drained customers, Sailor Moon cuts her knee and cries out in pain. Luna tells Sailor Moon to fight, but cries hysterically in fear, activating her odango covers and sending out a large vibration of sonic waves. The vibration breaks a window, and someone yells at Sailor Moon to stop crying. After she calms down, Luna explains that it's now time for Sailor Moon to attack, and she uses her tiara to perform Moon Frisbee (Moon Tiara Boomerang in the reprints), destroying the youma. Sailor Moon hears a voice saying that he didn't find the Silver Crystal, but found something most fascinating. Sailor Moon turns to find a man leaving the store, who he introduces himself as Tuxedo Mask, and says he will take note of her. Sailor Moon quickly falls for him, and Luna explains that her battle has just begun, but Sailor Moon is still thinking of Tuxedo Mask. Luna tells Sailor Moon it's time to go and drags her off, just in time before the customers, who were turned into brainwashed slaves, wake up. Meanwhile, a uniformed blonde man in an unidentified place witnessed everything that happened on a crystal ball and says that Sailor Moon is "not bad," also adding that he must get his hands on the Silver Crystal.

The next day, Naru tells other girls in her class about how she was saved by a girl in a sailor outfit, where one girl remarks it was probably just a dream. A few feet away behind a building, Usagi (with Luna) grumbles and thinks to herself that it wasn't a dream at all.

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