Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
Act01 Preview
Japanese: わたしがセーラームーン!
Romanji: Watashi ga Seeraa Muun!
Airing Information
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi‏‎
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Airdate: October 4, 2003
MOTD: Unnamed 3 armed Youma
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"Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!" is the 1st episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It aired in Japan on October 4, 2003.


Usagi encounters a talking plush cat named Luna and discovers that she is Sailor Moon.


On the night of a full moon, a jewelry store has just been robbed by a masked man wearing a tuxedo and a cape. Fleeing from the scene and dropping some of the stolen contents on his way, he suddenly stops when he is confronted by Sailor V. The two clash and then break away. The man charges at her, but she dodges and performs cartwheels, and ripped the bag with her weapon. As the jewelry begins to fall out, he throws it down on the ground and runs off into the night with Sailor V behind him.

The next morning, 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino is sleeping, listening to C'est la vie ~ Part of the Love in Me, a song by her favorite artist Minako Aino. Her younger brother Shingo tells her that her mother wants her to get up, with her sleepily responding that she will after the song is over. He then picks up her clock and shoves under the covers. Seeing the time, Usagi panics, asking Shingo why the song didn't end. As it turns out, the song had been put on repeat, and now she will be late. Panicking, Usagi runs out of her bedroom but then falls, with her brother calling her "Idiot Usagi".

Dressed for school and still in a panic, Usagi rushes into the kitchen and her mother gives her lunch, asking why this happens every morning. Usagi pauses to watches the Sailor V report on TV and discusses it with her mother. Shingo walks by and asks Usagi what she is doing, reminding her of how late she is, and she charges out the door.

While running as fast as she can to get to school, a plush cat falls on top of her head. Noticing it's a crescent moon on its forehead, as well as the fact that it just fell from the sky, she calls the toy weird. She places it on the railing of a bridge and runs off. As Usagi runs away, the cat stands up, happy that she has found "her".

At school, Usagi is (playfully) scolded by her teacher for being late, and late for the third time in the week. She also asks why she can't be more like Ms. Mizuno. As punishment for her constant tardiness, Usagi is assigned to after-school clean-up. Her best friend Naru stays behind to help her, and the two go to the karaoke parlor afterward. There, Naru mentions that her mother is preparing for a jewelry show and invites Usagi to come to see. The two are highly impressed on how good looking the models are, while the plush cat from that morning appears, with its crescent moon giving off a red glow.

Usagi sneaks backstage and admires the models' dresses. While there, she bumps into a young man. When a staff member announces that a model is not present, she ensures the man that she is not a model. Glancing at her, he replies that no one would make a mistake like that. Annoyed, she stomps off while deliberately bumping into him. After Usagi leaves, the young man notices the jewelry out on display for the show. He hopes that he might find the Silver Crystal. Meanwhile, the cat is still searching around the auditorium for what is wrong but doesn't seem to notice the arms emerging from a hole in the ceiling.

At home, Naru is talking to her mother. Mayumi explains that she is pulling an all-nighter, and will not be home. She asks if she needs anything, and she responds that she would like finger sandwiches for tomorrow. After hanging up, she begins to walk away, only to turn around and find the arms emerging before her, and becomes paralyzed with fear.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi tries to fall asleep in her bed when she suddenly is surprised to find the cat from the morning beside her pillow. A voice calls out "Usagi", and the plush toy begins to move. Scared, Usagi attempts to run out the door of her room but is stopped by the cat as she introduces herself as Luna and that she has been searching for her. Asking her to listen, Usagi learns from Luna that a great evil is on Earth, and that the only ones who can battle against the evil are a Princess and her four Sailor Guardians, and that she is one of the four Sailor Guardians. Hearing how far-fetched this seems, Usagi believes that she is only dreaming and goes back to bed. As Luna leaves, she places a cell phone on Usagi's windowsill, asking her to contact if she believes what has been told to her. She also warns her to stay away from the jewelry show, as it could be very dangerous.

The next morning, Naru is waiting at the hall when her mother enters the room. She is surprised when her mother at first does not recognize her and becomes even more suspicious when Mayumi does not even remember why Naru came. As her mother begins to approach her, Naru becomes extremely frightened.

Usagi wakes up at home. Ignoring what happened a few hours ago, she cheerfully exclaims that she had a good sleep, and asks her mother if they could go shopping.

Back at the hall, realizing that the woman is not her mother, Naru runs away. While being trailed, she bumps into a man and pleas for help. Smirking, he transforms into a blond man in a uniform and knocks her out. He then orders the Youma possessing Naru's mother to collect the energy from the people at the show for their leader.

Witnessing what is happening from outside, Luna wonders what to do, when she encounters Usagi, who is trying to sneak into the hall after she somehow sensed that Naru was in some kind of danger. Understanding that it is the "Sailor Guardian" inside of Usagi that helped her sense the danger and why Usagi is one of the Senshi, Luna gives Usagi the Heart Moon Brooch and the Lipstick.

Instructing her to take a photo of one of the models with the cell phone, Usagi can disguise herself as that model. She is then easily able to enter through the back way of the hall.

As the jewelry show ends and reaches its climax, the youma disguised as Mayumi appears on stage and knocks out the models and the audience with sleeping gas. When she is just about to start stealing energy, Usagi appears and demands that she stops. Mayumi (possessed by the Youma) asks her how is she unaffected by the sleeping gas. Usagi tells her that she is a Sailor Guardian. Then the youma comes out of Mayumi and attacks her. Encouraged by Luna, Usagi uses her brooch necklace to transform into the "Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon." From afar, the blond man watches and wonders just who Sailor Moon is.

The Youma continues to attack and Sailor Moon panics and runs away, not knowing what to do. Luna assures her that since she is a chosen Senshi, she already knows how to fight. Her tiara gem gleams and Sailor Moon gets back up to fight. She summons her Moonlight Stick from her brooch, and performs Moon Healing Escalation, exorcising the Youma from Naru's mother.

Overjoyed at her victory, Sailor Moon does not notice that the blond man throws a dagger at her. Just as she is about to be hit, she is pushed out of the way and is saved by the masked man who had just stolen from a jewelry store a few nights ago. As he helps her up, he observes that he did not find what he was looking for, but did find something interesting. As he walks away Sailor Moon thanks him and asks for his name. He responds "Tuxedo Mask". Even though she thinks his name is rather weird, she thinks that he is cool.

Later, Naru wakes up in the backroom, wondering about the strange dream she had.

In the Dark Kingdom, a mysterious woman observes that someone has gotten in her way, something she notes is unforgivable.

Still dazed about what has just happened, Usagi/Sailor Moon is informed by Luna that the battle has only just begun. She replies that somehow, she feels kind of excited about it.


Changes from the Manga

This episode is based on Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon but with a few differences and changes:

Changes from the 90s Anime

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  • Only this episode and the Special Act feature a fully digitalized and non-humanoid Youma.
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