This page is for the nineteenth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the nineteenth episode of the second anime series, please see Act 19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto - (episode).

“Act 19 Time Warp - Sailor Pluto -”
Act 19 タイム・ワープ—SAILORPLUTO
Act 19 Taimu Wāpu SAILORPLUTO





Act 18 - Invasion, Sailor Venus


Act 20 - Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion

Chibiusa, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, along with Luna and Artemis, all travel forward in time where they meet the guardian of the Space-Time Door, and Sailor Soldier of the Underworld, Sailor Pluto.


Chibiusa says that she came from a place in the thirtieth century called Crystal Tokyo. Luna believes that the captured Inner Sailor Senshi could have been taken to the thirtieth century by the Black Moon. Sailor Venus decides that to save Chibiusa's homeland and their three best friends', they have to go to the thirtieth century.

That night, Luna recalls her times with her beloved Queen, speaking to Queen Serenity. She also dreams of a door the Queen Serenity says is protected by a lonely guardian and orders Luna to forget what she saw.

The next day, the group prepares to go to the thirtieth centuary using Chibiusa's Space-Time Key. A time portal opens and Chibiusa gets separated from the rest of the group. The Black Moon realize that the group is heading to Crystal Tokyo and Esmeraude sends the Boule Brothers, Chiral and Achiral, to deal with them.

The group see a door that Luna had seen in her dreams and approach it. A voice commands them to stop, revealing the guardian of the time gate: Sailor Pluto. She attacks them, but Chibiusa appears and gets Sailor Pluto, her dearest friend and confidante, to stand down. It is revealed that Chibiusa is also a princess of the Moon in the future.

Pluto allows them to step through the time gate, saying that she herself is not allowed to leave. The group arrives to the thirtieth century to find Crystal Tokyo in ruins and an ugly black obelisk in the distance. The group heads towards the palace, only to be caught in a trap by the Boule Brothers.

Tuxedo Mask uses his power to break the trap and him and Sailor Venus combine their attacks to destroy the brothers. They reach the crystal tower and find a beautiful woman sleeping in a crystal casket. Chibiusa is greeted by her white-colored kitten companion, Diana, and a ghostly figure reveals himself to the team who greatly resembles Tuxedo Mask.

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