This page is for the eighteenth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the eighteenth episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, please see Act 18 - Invasion, Sailor Venus (episode).

“Act 18 Invasion - Sailor Venus”
Act 18 Raw
Act 18 Shinryaku SAILORVENUS





Act 17 - Secret, Sailor Jupiter


Act 19 - Time Warp, Sailor Pluto

Sailor Venus bravely battles Calaveras of the four Specter sisters, and a desperate Chibiusa asks Sailor Moon to help her save the future Earth of the thirtieth Century before it is too late.


The saucer that took Sailor Jupiter has vanished, and the only thing left from the Black Moon is Petz's Dark Crystal earring. The two remaining Sailor Senshi believe that the Black Moon is using the saucers and that could mean that the Black Moon are extraterrestrials from another world altogether. Analyzing the earring, Luna and Artemis observe that the crystal is giving off negative energy.

When Chibiusa arrives, she sees the dark crystal and has a fearful tantrum because apparently the evil crystal has brought great harm to her mother. Meanwhile, the Black Moon sends the last Specter sister, Calaveras a spiritual medium, to turn the people of Earth against the two Sailor Senshi. Calaveras appears on television and tries to brainwash the audience into believing the Senshi will bring calamity and annihilation to Earth.

Mamoru is fearful of the events happening and consults with the spirits of the Shitennou through their stones. They say that he must use his own great powers over earth to protect the Moon Princess. Chibiusa sneaks into Usagi's room and steals her Crystal Star broach in order to obtain the Silver Crystal of the past.

Sailor Venus goes to the TV station to stop Calaveras and Calaveras channels the power of the spirits of her fallen sisters to attack Venus. As an angry Usagi goes to retrieve her broach from Chibiusa, they are attacked by Rubeus. Sensing Usagi in danger, Tuxedo Mask goes to rescue them. Mamoru gathers his power and blasts Rubeus with Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.

The attack harms Rubeus, forcing him to retreat from battle. Usagi grabs her broach from Chibiusa, turning into Sailor Moon and destroys Calaveras, saving Sailor Venus. Chibiusa finally reveals that she is from the future and was trying to take the Silver Crystal of the past to help the future. She begs Sailor Moon to help save the 30th century.


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