This page is for the seventeenth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the seventeenth episode of the reboot series, please see Act 17 - Secret, Sailor Jupiter (episode).

“Act 17 Secret - Sailor Jupiter -”
JPN Act 17 (missdream)





Act 16 - Abduction, Sailor Mercury


Act 18 - Invasion, Sailor Venus

Petz, the eldest of the specter Sisters, decides to spread a virus around Tokyo, which causes Makoto to become ill and weak and creates a cunning doppelganger of her.


As Usagi cries for the abduction of her two best friends' and comrades, Chibiusa tries to comfort her. As the three remaining Sailor Senshi discuss what the Black Moon is up to, they realize that the Black Moon might be after Chibiusa.

They decide the best thing to do is to protect Chibiusa from the Black Moon. A storm begins to brew and the Senshi worry that it might be a chance for the Black Moon to attack. Mamoru finds Chibiusa, a blast of lightning strikes and Chibiusa has a flashback of a crystal city in a massive explosion, terrifying her and Mamoru sees it in a vision.

The Black Moon send Petz to remove and replace the normal people of Tokyo with Droids. Makoto seems to have caught an illness that has been plaguing Tokyo. Asanuma, school mate of Mamoru, meets with Makoto and helps her home before she faints. There, he admits that weird things have been happening, including hearing Luna speaking to Usagi.

Makoto reveals that she is a Sailor Senshi and that they are fighting a powerful enemy. Amazed, he tels her he respects her and will keep her secret. After he leaves, Makoto sees a UFO appear outside her window and faints from exhaustion. Petz appears with many androids, revealing that it was the Black Moon who spead the virus.

She then sends the droids to replace the people. Makoto is attacked by her double and contacks Usagi that the enemy is attacking. The Senshi transforms and Jupiter's attacks are able to overtake and destroy her double easily, causing Petz to confront her. Sailor Jupiter attacks Petz, who then uses the Dark Crystal to magnify her own strength.

Their energies collide, with Petz as the victor and Jupiter trapped in a prison of pure air and wind. Meanwhile Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus are busy attacking the other droid replicas and Sailor Moon sees Sailor Jupiter in trouble. She uses Moon Princess Halation, successfully destroying Petz. Unfortunately, Rubeus manages to take Sailor Jupiter away in the same UFO that he had used to easily capture Sailors' Mercury and Mars.

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