This page is for the twelfth chapter of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga series. For the twelfth episode of the second anime series, please see Act 12 - Enemy, Queen Metaria (episode).

“Act 12 Enemy - Queen Metalia -”
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Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion


Act 13 - Final Battle, Reincarnation

The Sailor Senshi begin their true battle against Queen Metalia and the Dark Kingdom at D Point at the North Pole.


Queen Beryl explains that Tuxedo Mask had died and that it was the power of Metaria which brought him back as an agent of the Dark Kingdom. Fearing that the battle would destroy the control room, Mercury uses her power to change the location to fight. Beryl uses her hair to strangle Sailor Moon. She says how in the past she was able to find Metaria and how Metaria told her of the infinite power of the Silver Crystal, and how she can use it to rule the world. Sailor Venus remembers that it was Beryl who brainwashed Earthlings to fight against the Moon, and how she caused the deaths of Endymion and Serenity. Venus summons the Legendary Sword and Jupiter uses it to try and free Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus then summoned the power of the sword and impaled it into Beryl, killing her. Endymion noticed the Silver Crystal was reacting and the Legendary Sword started to show writing on it:

"When this sword shines bright, when the 'Silver Crystal' hidden inside the one who will someday become queen, begins to shine in the reaction to the wishes of her heart, she will become complete and re-awaken the powers of the moon. Offer up a prayer to the holy moon tower, and bring peace to our kingdom once more..."

After finish reading the inscription, Sailor Venus loses consciousness, and Endymion grabs Venus and the sword, dragging them through a portal, as Sailor Moon follows. Back at the control center, Luna and the Senshi try to figure out where the portal could have taken them. They discover that the portal goes to the Dark Kingdom's base at D point in the North Pole and the Sailor Senshi teleport there. Sailor Moon is confronted by Endymion who is still under the control of Metaria. He begins to strangle Sailor Moon and demands she tell him where the Silver Crystal is, because the Silver Crystal he stole does not display the power he expected. Sailor Moon reached out for the Silver Crystal and it created a bright force of energy, freeing her from Endymion's grasp. The other Senshi arrive to see that Endymion is being possessed by Metaria. Luna arrives to tell them that Endymion is powerful because he has a piece of the Silver Crystal within him. To seal Metaria they need the Silver Crystal in its true, whole form. The Senshi try to use their powers to attack them, to no avail. Sailor Moon realizes that to retrieve the last fragment, she would have to kill Endymion. The coonfliction in her heart causes the Silver Crystal to react again. Making her choice, Sailor Moon picks up the Legendary Sword and slashes Endymion across the chest. She kisses him, takes the sword and stabs herself in the chest.


  • This chapter only appeared in the Shinsouban edition of the Manga.
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