This page for the eleventh chapter of the manga series. For the episode of the second anime series, please see Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion (episode).
“Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion”
JPN Act 11
Act 11 再会—ENDYMION
Act 11 Saikai ENDYMION





Act 10 - Moon


Act 12 - Enemy, Queen Metaria

Usagi meets a handsome man who she believes is Mamoru Chiba. Meanwhile, the four other Sailor Senshi examine the mystical sword that they got from the ruins of the Moon Kingdom, as well as their memories of being protectors of the Queen and Princess.


Usagi is asleep, dreaming about Mamoru. After Luna wakes her up, she takes the Silver Crystal and goes out. After saying good bye to Luna, someone bumps into Usagi whom she believes resembles Mamoru. Motoki arrives at the game center with his friend Endou, to see Endymion waiting outside. Endymion uses his power to cause Motoki's friend to vanish and hypnotize Motoki into believing Endymion is his friend. Meanwhile, Usagi meets the other Senshi to study the sword they got on the moon. They figure out that the sword is even denser than diamonds and that it has a toxic quality to it. They question how they could use the sword to permanently rid themselves of the evil. Usagi leaves and goes to the game center. She enters to find Endymion playing at a game council with Motoki. Motoki introduces him as his friend Endou, which Usagi chooses to believe. Minako is alerted that someone is clearing the Sailor V game levels rapidly, and the Senshi go to investigate, finding Endymion playing the game. Usagi decides to frequently visit the game center to see 'Endou'. As she plays the Sailor V game, he begins questioning her about Sailor Moon and Sailor V, and if there is a control center beneath the Crown Game Center. Usagi resists his gaze and leaves the game center. After speaking with Motoki's girlfriend Reika who tells them that she never met Endou until recently. The Senshi realize that he is trying to gain access to their control room. Later, Makoto calls the other Senshi to the control room, saying that 'Endou' can't be trusted. They are alerted to an intruder gaining access to the control room, and Makoto tries to take the Silver Crystal from Usagi, but is stopped by Minako. It turns out that Makoto was hypnotized by the enemy to gain access to the control room. The intruders turn out to be Tuxedo Mask and a hypnotized Motoki. Minako transforms and stops Motoki from stealing the Silver Crystal, breaking the trance with her chain. Tuxedo Mask uses his powers and steals the Silver Crystal. Usagi hesitates to fight Tuxedo Mask until Luna gets hurt. The Silver Crystal reacts to Sailor Moon's worry to Luna and she uses Moon Healing Escalation on Tuxedo Mask. The attack fails and Queen Beryl appears behind him. She formally introduces herself as Queen of the Dark Kingdom and orders Tuxedo Mask to kill Sailor Moon.

Translation Information


English Kodansha Manga

  • In the original Japanese version, Queen Beryl introduced herself as Queen Beryl, the queen/mistress of the Dark Kingdom. In the Kodansha English translation, she introduces herself as Princess Beryl, the queen of the Dark Kingdom.
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