A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols
SMSS 174 (infobox)
学園に吹く嵐! 転校生はアイドル
Gakuen ni fuku Arashi! Tenkousei wa aidoru
Airing Information
Episode: EP 174, Season 5
Air Date (JP): May 18, 1996
Written by: Kazuhiko Kobe
Directed by: Harume Kosaka
Featured Monster: Sailor Guts
North American Dub
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"A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols" is the 8th episode of the fifth season of the anime series, and the 174th episode overall. It aired in Japan on May 18, 1996.


The Juban High School receives three new students, The Three Lights, but unlike her friends, Usagi is not pleased; and Sailor Iron Mouse finds a possible carrier of the true Star Seed among the students.


Usagi is writing a love letter to Mamoru, telling him a few news about recent events and how much she misses him. However, as she finishes it, she realizes that Ami, Minako, and Makoto have been reading her letter and they criticize her for different reasons. All of them, except Usagi, have joined different clubs: Makoto wants to join cooking class, but a schoolmate encourages her to join athletics after she saw how strong Makoto is, Minako has tried out for volleyball and Ami, on the other hand, has joined to the Computer lab: All her partners are amazed at Ami's computer skills; so Usagi goes home alone. 

On her way home, she runs into Seiya. At first, they don't recognize each other, but when they do, Usagi gets angry and Seiya shows his overconfident attitude, which only gets Usagi angrier. Then, Taiki and Yaten come out from a store and call him, so he says goodbye to Usagi (calling her "bunhead") and leaves with them. 

In another place, Sailor Iron Mouse watches TV looking for another potential Star Seed carrier. After a while, she finds an American football player named Yuji Kayama.

The next day, Ami, Usagi, and Makoto are heading to school, and to the three girls' surprise, Minako's arrived there already (Rei shows up there too, despite she assists a different high-school). A lot of schoolgirls are at the school entrance too. Then, Minako tells her friends that Three Lights' members will be Juuban school students. When the band arrives, Rei approaches her saying that her membership number in the Three Light's Fan Club is 2906; Makoto does the same, but hers is 1606; Minako's 278 and surprisingly, Ami is 25. Seiya recognizes Usagi, to her friends' surprise, and teases her. 

Later, the three boys are assigned to the same class as the girls, and Seiya asks Usagi if she knows a good after-class club, but Minako interrupts him and offers herself to show him the school. 

The first club Seiya tries out for is basketball. He's really good at it, which causes admiration between the crowd and Usagi's friends. Taiki and Yaten are also there watching him playing but they don't feel like practicing, so they leave. As he finishes practicing, Saiya asks Usagi for another activity.

The next one is American football. Unfortunately, he's violently taken down by one of the players, but he kindly offers him help to stand up. This young man introduces himself as Yuki Kayama and asks Seiya if he'd like to join the team. He gladly accepts.

After the practice's end, Yuki is taking a break when Chuuko Nezu approaches him and asks for an interview. He feels uncomfortable with that situation, so he says that now it's not a good time. Nezu, however, takes off her civilian disguise and attacks Yuki. 

Usagi was already leaving when she heard a human cry. She decides to investigate and sees how Yuki's Star seed is extracted. She transforms into Sailor Moon and faces the evil Sailor Guardian. However, the star seed loses its bright, making all Sailor Iron Mouse's efforts, pointless. As she doesn't have anything else to do there, Iron Mouse leaves Sailor Moon with a new Phage: Sailor Guts.

The monster quickly attacks her with Youth's Perspiration Attack, a ball of sweat that disintegrates the ground. Sailor Moon can't directly hit him and all she does is running to avoid the sweat's balls. Suddenly Sailor Jupiter and the other Guardians appear. Jupiter uses Jupiter Oak Evolution and, with it, she's able to counter the phage's maneuver, although they still don't want to harm him, so they just limit to avoid his attacks. The phage seems to be leading the fight when the Sailor Starlights appear. They mock the Inner Sailor Guardians for not being able to control the monster and Sailor Star Maker performs Star Gentle Uterus, which is enough to knock him out. Sailor Moon is now free to use Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and heal the monster, returning him to his human form. Once the battle is over the Senshi realize that the Starlights have gone already.

At the Fruits Parlor Crown, Usagi is doing some sketches. Her friends show up and she tells them that she's joined manga club and she's now drawing some comics. Rei snatches her sketch and the four girls see it: It tells a story about an animal with a bald spot eating a fish. They compliment Usagi's drawing skills, but none of them realize what kind of animal that is, and Usagi gets angry and tells them that it's Luna.

Changes From the Manga

  • Haruka and Michiru also assist Usagi at her friends' high school.
  • Setsuna is a school nurse at Hotaru and Chibiusa's school and she is Hotaru' surrogate mother, but school kids think they are blood relatives.
  • Rei doesn't have a crush on Three Lights' members.
  • Ami doesn't like Taiki, because his academic performance overshadows hers.
  • None of the girls are members of the Three Lights' fan club except for Minako.
  • Ami tells the others that she is the only girl in the Computer Club, while the rest are boys that only want to play games.

First Appearances

  • Star Gentle Uterus



  • When Ami downloads and prints a document at Computer class, she says it's a space engineering document from Columbia University, but in fact, it contains the lyrics of Danger Zone, a song that appeared on the soundtrack to the 1986 film Top Gun. The lyrics are close yet not perfect, occasionally excluding a word, repeating in inappropriate places or replacing the letter "b" with the similar-looking "d".
  • At the beginning of the episode, during Usagi's narrative of her letter to Mamoru, when mentioning the Three Lights, the still shot of them resembles a panel seen in Act 50 of the manga, when they appear on stage at the music festival.
  • When Usagi and Seiya bumped into each other on the street, it was very similar to how Usagi and Mamoru bumped into each other and argued in the first half of the first season. Even the same background music played.
  • There was a mistake during the Sailor Starlights' introduction speech in the Mexican dub of this episode. It usually starts with "Hemos pasado por la oscuridad de la noche..." ("We've gone through the darkness of the night..."). In this episode, they say "Hemos pasado por la Noche de la oscuridad..." ("We've gone through the night of the darkness...")
  • In the Viz Media English Dub, Taiki had differentiated her voices, in her civilian form, she speaks more like a man while as Sailor Star Maker her voice was in a deeper pitch. Yaten's voice, however, remains unchanged as explained on her profile where she speaks in a normal voice between both her civilian form and Sailor Star Healer.
  • Also in the Viz Media English Dub, she erroneously called Yuji Kayama as Eugene before he was victimized by her to show his star seed and turns into a Phage.
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