A Night Alone Together: Usagi in Danger
SMSS 184 (infobox)
Futari kiri no yoru! Usagi no pinchi

5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Air date

August 17, 1996


Ryota Yamaguchi


Harume Kosaka


Sailor Sommelier


The Scream of Dead Souls?! The Mystery of Terror Camp


Taiki Sings With Excellence! A Believing Heart Carried by a Song

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A Night for Just Us! Usagi's Pinch was the 18th episode of the fifth season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 184th overall. It was first aired in Japan on August 17, 1996.


A thief has been breaking in houses around Usagi's neighborhood and unfortunately she has to spend that night alone so when Seiya hears about this, he offers himself to act as her bodyguard and defender; just for one night. However, when Yaten, Taiki, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako Haruka, and Michiru all arrive, chaos ensures when a phage comes; especially when everyone tries to hide their identities as Sailor Senshi from the others.



Changes From the Manga

  • This episode is a filler, none of these scenes were in the manga.

Dubbed Changes

  • Some Latin American countries that aired the Mexican dubbed version omitted the scene where Seiya was taking a bath and the four girls' accidentally see him naked; despite the fact that the episode was completely dubbed.


  • Seiya nearly revealed his/her mystical identity as Sailor Star Fighter to Usagi, but was interrupted by Chibi Chibi.
  • Nuka ni Kugi , the name that some people give to Sailor Aluminum Siren, is a Japanese metaphor for an action that has no effect or the voicing of an opinion to someone who doesn't listen. In this case, it refers to Sailor Siren's distracted behavior.
  • This was the last episode Sailor Moon used Moon Tiara Action , although this time it wasn't the actual attack, as she just threw a pizza, as she did not have a golden tiara as Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • During Eternal Sailor Moon's stock introduction, as she moves her feathered wings, it's possible to hear dishes being broken as a result of her wings knocking them over the floor due to the living room's small size.
  • You will see a portrait of Mamoru and Usagi again on Usagi's desk. It is simaliar to the same portrait Usagi has but with Chibiusa in the photo, but this time Mamoru's shirt was white and Chibiusa was missing in the photo. Could this be the same portrait Usagi had after Mamoru left for his flight to the US leading to his death by Galaxia and after Chibiusa return home in her own timeline in the future?
  • Due to Chibiusa missing in the portrait, its unknown if this is due to the timeline being slowly altered by Mamoru dying in the plane crash by Galaxia and Usagi dating Seiya; causing Chibiusa to not exist ,yet Usagi still misses Mamoru very much as time goes by.


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