A New Life: Parting of the Stars of Destiny
Atarashiki seimei! Unmei no hoshi-boshi betsuri no toki
Airing Information
Episode: EP 126, Season 3
Air Date (JP): February 18, 1995
Written by: Megumi Sugihara
Directed by: Yuji Endo
North American Dub
Air Date (US): July 31, 2000
CWi Title: Second Chances
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"A New Life: Parting of the Stars of Destiny" is the 36th episode of the 3rd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 126th episode overall on the Sailor Moon Anime. The CWi English dub title for this episode is"Second Chances" and it aired in North America on July 31, 2000.


Haruka and Michiru give the newly reborn infant Hotaru to a still-healing Professor Souichi Tomoe, who is finally free of the Death Busters. However, still angry at Sailor Moon for defending Hotaru's body and Sailor Saturn and risking the entire world for one mere life, they attack her viciously. The Silver Crystal throws them back, and they kneel to her and finally acknowledge her as their leader and leave the city.


After rescuing the infant Hotaru (and Sailor Saturn) from Pharaoh 90, Super Sailor Moon is gravely hurt and weakened, thus having Sailor Uranus and Neptune take her from her arms before she collapses. The Inner Senshi arrive and help Super Sailor Moon to her feet.

Haruka and Michiru care for the reborn infant Hotaru before giving her back to a now free and still healing Professor Tomoe. Having no memory of what had happened, he cares for Hotaru as his own child. Before leaving town, Haruka and Michiru have one last thing to deal with: Sailor Moon.

Chibiusa is also worried for Hotaru and tries not to think about it. However, when she sees Sailor Pluto's spirit in a vision, she discovers about the war of two souls within Hotaru. Her good side, Sailor Saturn and her evil side, Mistress 9 have been at war with each other. When Super Sailor Moon helped save Hotaru, Sailor Saturn's was able to overpower Mistress 9. Because she has no physical form, Pluto cannot stay with Chibiusa and leaves. She is depressed, but Professor Tomoe manages to get her attention with her loose hat. Only then, when she touches Hotaru's hands, she discovered Hotaru has indeed been reborn as an infant to start over.

At the destroyed site of Mugen Academy, Usagi and the others search for Hotaru when they hear a melodic violin playing. It is Michiru and Haruka that appear in front of them. Enraged by Usagi's actions for willingly giving up the Holy Grail and putting the Earth at risk for a single life, Haruka and Michiru both deem her unworthy of being their future queen, Neo-Queen Serenity. Makoto and the others are offended and decide to challenge them. Despite Usagi's plea not to do so, they transformed, same as Haruka and Michiru. Sailor Venus accuses Sailors Uranus and Neptune for scapegoating Usagi out of convenience, just because she wanted to save their friend's life. Sailor Mercury claims that Sailor Moon did her best in trying to save Earth and Hotaru, but they were not convinced. Sailor Uranus pointed out that her ideals put the Earth at risk, which a mistake that she and Neptune were both trying to avoid.  

Only then Usagi pleaded with her friends to let her talk to them. She admits they were right, but she must convince the Outer Sailor Guardians that she did the right thing herself. Transforming into Sailor Moon, she fights with Sailors Uranus and Neptune. When they viciously attack her, the Inner Sailor Guardians were ready to fight with her. However, Tuxedo Mask stops them and wisely mentioned Sailor Moon must fight her own battles and they cannot interfere. Before Sailors Uranus and Neptune were able to finish their fight, the Silver Crystal's powers throw them back, allowing Sailor Moon to win the fight. They kneel before her and apologize for their actions, referring to her as Neo-Queen Serenity and acknowledging her as the true Messiah at last, going on to say that their mission to locate the Messiah is now over. Before leaving, Sailor Uranus informs Sailor Moon and the others that Hotaru is alive and well and is sure they will see her again. 

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Começo de uma Nova Vida ("The Beginning of a New Life")
  • European Portuguese: Vida Nova! ("New Life")
  • French
    • TV: Une nouvelle vie ("A New Life")
    • DVD: Une Nouvelle Vie ! Les étoiles du destin se séparent ("A New Life ! The Stars of Fate Separate")
  • German: Ein neues Leben ("A New Life")


Changes From the Manga

  • Professor Tomoe had perished during the final showdown with Pharaoh 90, which left Hakura, Michru and Setsuna to become the reborn Hotaru's adopted "parents".
  • Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune did not angrily challenge Sailor Moon to a fight.



  • Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna do not reappear until the fifth and final season and evolve into Super Sailor Senshi by the reawakened Sailor Saturn's power.
  • Sailor Saturn was seen only in a vision and had no lines.
  • This was the last time in which Sailor Mars transformed with Mars Star Power, Make Up.
  • This is the last time, the girls are wearing their casual primary outfits except Makoto and Minako who wear their primary outfits throughout the fourth season and Usagi's primary outfit has a minor color change in Episode 154.
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