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A Guardian’s Realization: Strength Lies Within a Pure Heart
戦士の自覚! 強さは純な心の中に
Senshi no Jikaku! Tsuyosa wa Pyua na Kokoro no Naka ni
Airing Information
Episode: EP 127, Season 3
Air Date (JP): February 25, 1995
Written by: Sukehiro Tomita
Directed by: Harume Kosaka
Featured Monster: Renji
North American Dub
Air Date (US): August 1, 2000
CWi Title: Tough Kindness
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"A Guardian’s Realization: Strength Lies Within a Pure Heart" is the 37th episode of the third season of the original Sailor Moon anime, and the 127th episode overall. The episode first aired in Japan on February 25, 1995. The English dub title for this episode is "Tough Kindness", and the episode first aired in North America on August 1, 2000.


Chibusa is ready to return to the future and stay with her mother and father again at Crystal Tokyo. However, a final Daimon is on the loose and is snatching pure hearts. Sailor Moon realizes that she is strong enough to protect her friends', even without the Holy Grail.



Changes From the Manga

  • There were no more Daimons after the Death Busters were defeated.
  • Chibiusa didn't consider going back to Crystal Tokyo, until the Dead Moon Circus began their attack on Earth.


  • This is the only time a Monster-of-the-Week belonging to a antagonist group, attacked after the organization was destroyed.


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