“A Girl's Dream: Usagi Becom”
Junpaku Doresu no Yume! Usagi Hanayome ni Naru

1 (Sailor Moon)

Air Date

June 27, 1992


Megumi Sugihara


Kazuhisa Takenouchi


Black Widow

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“Wedding Day Blues”

Air Date

September 27, 1995


Black Widow

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Usagi decides to enter a home-made wedding dress contest, while her home economics teacher is targeted by Nephrite.

The English dub title for this episode is Wedding Day Blues.


The episode begins in Higure Akiyama's home economics class at Juuban Municipal Junior High School. She is teaching the class how to make darts in fabric, although they are quite bored: Usagi Tsukino is actually sleeping!

Later, Usagi and Naru have ice cream together, while Usagi complains to her friend how sleepy the home economics class makes her. Naru says that Akiyama used to be so enthusiastic about sewing. Suddenly, Umino pops up out of nowhere (surprising and angering the girls) and flips through his memo book. He says that Akiyama has been acting weird lately because she is engaged. The girls are quite surprised to learn of their teacher's engagement. Umino matter-of-factly says, "Yes! Higure Akiyama, thirty-four years old and still single. Akiyama-sensei has wished with all her heart to get married and the greatest dream of her life is to have a luxurious wedding in a wedding dress that she made herself."

A scene is shown when Akiyama's fiance is proposing to her. Down on one knee, he hands her large bouquet of red flowers. He says, "Higure, I'm a dull business man with no status or savings... and I'm not that tall, either. I cannot give you a very big wedding reception, but will you... will you marry me?" She takes the flowers and says, "Yes!"

Back at the cafe where the students are having ice cream, Umino says, "He may not be what you'd call ideal, but as long as there's love..." Usagi disagrees, saying, "That's being soft! Always have high, limitless ideals! If there's a handsome guy, I'll go after him and catch him! My goal is to get married before I turn 25!" She has been waving her ice cream cone around, and it ultimately falls on her head after her triumphant speech. Naru sighs, but Umino seems very upset!

Meanwhile, Akiyama is seen leaving the Azabu Juuban Dressmaker shop. Haruna Sakurada sees her and stops to talk to her. She asks if Akiyama is thinking of her fiance, and comments on the beautiful silk in the store's window. Haruna asks Akiyama if she is going to sew her own dress for the ceremony, and Akiyama says that she plans to, but hasn't been able to find a silk cloth that she likes, although she already has the design for it. Haruna tells her to hang in there; she absolutely must complete her fabulous wedding dress. After all, Haruna says she is counting on meeting her future husband at the wedding reception. Haruna gleefully leaves.

Nephrite has been sitting in his car near the scene, watching the two women talk. This is the first time he sees Akiyama. Later, at his hidden mansion in the forest, he consults the stars for his next victim: "The woman about to shine her brightest under the light of Vega," who is Higure Akiyama.

Walking home from school, Usagi walks past Juuban Hall and sees that a wedding is taking place there. She sighs and thinks to herself, "That's got to be the dream of every girl in love. One day, I'll also..." Just then, three men interrupt her thoughts by setting up a large sign near the entrance of the Hall. The sign is for "Your Handmade Wedding Dress Contest," and says that the grand prize is a free wedding reception, while the first prize is a VCR deck. Usagi becomes very excited about the competition, and dreams of a big wedding reception. She can't decide whether her groom will be Tuxedo Mask or Motoki Furuhata. When she snaps back to reality, she realizes that unfortunately, she isn't very good at sewing and could never make a dress.

Meanwhile, Rei has walked up and is arguing with a man who appears to be in charge of the contest. She demands to know if a woman without a fiance wins the contest, and has no date for a wedding reception. He tells her that the ceremony can be held whenever the grand prize winner wishes, "no matter how many years in the future that may be." Rei is excited and walks away happily, only to bump into Usagi. Rei asks to meet Usagi's mom, who is a full-time housewife. Meanwhile, Akiyama also sees the sign for the wedding dress contest.

At Usagi's house, Usagi's mother, Ikuko, meets Rei. Rei tells her that she and Usagi go to different schools, but they are very good friends. Ikuko offers Rei cake, which angers Usagi because she feels that it is her cake. Rei compliments her on her homemade cake, much to Ikuko's embarrassment. Usagi leans over and says to Rei, "You goody two-shoes, one look at that cake and you can tell it's from the cake store in front of the train station!" This comment prompts Ikuko to hit her daughter on the head with a serving platter and laugh. Rei asks Ikuko if she's good at sewing, saying, "It's always been my dream to learn sewing from someone wonderful like you! For example, sewing a wedding dress!" Usagi and Ikuko burst out laughing... evidently, Ikuko is not good at sewing.

Rei angrily leaves the Tsukino home, asking Usagi why she didn't say her mother was bad at sewing earlier. By now, Usagi is also angry because she has figured out that Rei planned to have her mother help her for the wedding dress competition. Rei makes a face at Usagi and leaves. Luna tells Rei that if she has time for a contest like that, she wishes that she'd train herself more in preparation for battle. When Luna turns to say the same to Usagi, the girl has disappeared.

Usagi goes to her friend Ami's house to talk to her about the contest and ask for help. Ami says Rei's entrance into the contest doesn't bother her, because she has no plans to get married anyway. Usagi says, "Don't you get it? It's a dream! It's every girl's dream!" Because Ami gets good grades in home economics, Usagi asks her to teach her how to sew. Ami says that she will... and gives her a stack of sewing books. She says that Usagi must read the books to learn the basics, and the actual lessons will come later.

Meanwhile, the customers of the fabric store Cloth Azabu Juuban viciously fight against each other over fabrics to make wedding dresses. Among the women there are Haruna Sakurada and Higure Akiyama. Akiyama picks up a stretch of fabric which she find to be particularly beautiful. Nephrite, disguised as Masato Sanjoin, approaches her and agrees that the silk is very beautiful, and worthy of becoming a wedding dress. He wraps it around his shoulders and continues to compliment her and the fabric. He then places his evil crest on the fabric, causing it to become possessed by a youma and increase Akiyama's energy output. He leaves and wishes the woman happiness.

Usagi walks with her friend Naru to Akiyama's house, carrying bridal magazines and discussing the upcoming contest. Naru scolds Usagi for nodding off all the time in home economics class, but visiting Akiyama-sensei's home to ask her about sewing. Naru says that making a dress isn't easy, and Usagi's short attention span won't help. Usagi replies with, "After all, they say, 'a woman's conviction can crack a rock!'" Luna jumps onto a wall and sees the girls talking with each other.

As the girls approach the Juuban Heights apartment building, they see a man walking up the stairs holding a bouquet. Usagi says he looks like a loser, and Naru laughs. They then see that he is knocking on Akiyama's door. He calls through the door, "What's wrong? You won't even answer my calls! Are you feeling ok?" She suddenly opens the door and almost knocks him over. Because she is under the influence of the youma and Nephrite's evil crest, her personality has changed. She is wearing very little clothing, and her hair is down. Her fiance gives her the bouquet, but she knocks it out of his hand and says, "Don't come near my place until the dress contest at Juuban Hall is over! If you do, I'll break off our engagement. Got that?!" She has become obsessed with completing her dress, so she slams the door on her fiance.

Usagi, Luna, and Naru witnessed the entire scene and are shocked. Usagi thinks the competition will be really tough against Akiyama, and Luna correctly senses that something is definitely wrong with the teacher. Inside the apartment, Akiyama furiously sews, and Nephrite's evil crest becomes more visible.

Later, Luna tells Ami that she senses the aura of a youma around Akiyama. Ami says that the teacher has been gone for some time, and Luna suggests that they seek Rei's help. The two walk towards the Hikawa Shrine.

At the shrine, Grandpa Hino is chasing Rei, who has the only rental wedding kimono the shrine has. While running, Rei bumps into Luna and Ami, who fall to the ground. Grandpa Hino appears to look up Ami's skirt! He then takes back the wedding Kimono and says, "Honestly! I thought you were going to elope with some guy!" Rei yells at her grandfather because he doesn't trust her. She says that there's no way she's going to participate in the Juuban Hall contest. He tells her that it is unforgivable to use a sacred wedding dress for a promotion. Luna asks Ami why he's so mad.

Grandpa Hino then approaches Ami and says, "Excuse me, miss... How about having your wedding ceremony at our shrine? It's much cheaper than having it at Juuban Hall." She says that she doesn't have anyone right now. He tells her that he's single, and Rei hits him on the head.

At Usagi's house, Usagi tip-toes down the hallway to her mother's bedroom. She has a handkerchief tied around her head and thinks to herself, "Here I am... the beautiful Usagi Hood." She grabs her mother's curtains and rubs her face against them, thinking that they are perfect. Unfortunately, her mother catches her and says, "I hope you're not planning on using my favorite curtains to make a dress!" Usagi begs her mother for mercy, saying that she'd love to buy the cloth for a dress, but her allowance isn't enough. Ikuko proposes that to pay for the price of new curtains, she will suspend Usagi's allowance for the next three months. She also remind her daughter that the contest is very soon, and Usagi may not have enough time to complete a dress. Of course, Usagi begins to cry.

Back at Akiyama's apartment, Nephrite's crest has grown increasingly powerful as she reaches her peak energy output. She twirls the fabric in the air and the crest glows brightly, then she falls to the floor, unconscious. Meanwhile, her fiance has left flowers by her door.

Later, at Juuban Hall, the contest is underway. A man greets the participants and thanks them as they wait in line to enter. Ami, Rei, and Usagi stand outside. Usagi's fingers are bandaged up from cuts. Ami tells her that she did her best, and Rei says, "Well, I'll acknowledge the effort you put into stabbing your fingers with a needle over and over again!" Usagi begins to cry, and Luna tells everyone that they should watch to see if anything suspicious happens. She then says that Usagi will be infiltrating the hall as a contestant. Usagi says that Luna is being mean; she knows the girl doesn't have a dress. Rei reminds her of her transformation pen.

Usagi uses her transformation pen to turn into a "beautiful bride." She says that she could definitely win in the outfit, and asks Rei if she's jealous. Ami reminds her that she wouldn't win fairly.

Inside Juuban Hall, the handmade wedding dress contest begins. Usagi is a contestant, while Rei, Luna, and Ami search for Akiyama, who is not among the participants onstage. Suddenly, Akiyama appears at the top of the stairs in her extravagant gown and make up. The host of the shows runs to tell her that she cannot make such an unplanned entrance, but she tells him to shut up. She then hypnotizes him so that he falls in love with her and asks her to marry him. She tells him that he is not good enough for her... then says that all the men in the world should fall to their knees for her, and all the women should surrender to her beauty. She asserts that she is the winner of the contest, and Nephrite's evil crest glows brightly on her dress: her energy level has reached its peak.

All of the audience members and participants weakly fall to the ground, unconscious. Luna thinks quickly and tells Usagi not to look into Akiyama's eyes. By following Luna's advice, Usagi manages to stay awake.

The youma Black Widow emerges from Nephrite's crest, and Akiyama is left unconscious on the stairs. Usagi faces the youma, who demands to know who she is. Ami and Rei then burst onto the scene, telling the youma that since the wedding dress is the dream of innocent girls, no one will get away with tainting a pure white dress! Usagi says, "That's not fair! You two get all the cool parts!" She then addresses the youma, saying, "Since I lost the chance to win a free grand wedding reception..." Usagi then transforms into Sailor Moon. Meanwhile, Ami and Rei transform into Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars.

Widow rushes towards the three girls and spits out a web which wraps around Sailor Moon. As Widow folds the silk of the web, she says, "I will weave a beautiful shroud for you! But of course, I have to weave you into it!" Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack to fill the air with mist and disorient the youma. Sailor Mars uses her Fire Soul attack to destroy the web which is encasing Sailor Moon.

Widow rushes through the mist, confused about where the girls are. Sailor Moon uses this opportunity to utilize her Moon Tiara Action attack, destroying the youma once and for all. Akiyama and the other people left unconscious in the auditorium awaken with no recollection of what happened.

The next scene shows Akiyama's wedding day. She and her fiance have finally gotten married, despite all of the mean things Akiyama said to him when she was possessed. Ami reminds everyone of the tradition that whoever catches the bride's bouquet will become a bride next. Akiyama throws the bouquet into the air and Haruna, Usagi, and Rei fight over it. However, it is Ami who ultimately catches it.

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