A Bewitching Flower That Steals Hearts: Tellu, the Third Witch
Tellu attacks Sailor Pluto
Kokoro wo ubau youka! Daisan no majou Teruru
Airing Information
Episode: EP 114, Season 3
Air Date (JP): January 14, 1995
Written by: Shigeru Yanagawa
Directed by: Takuya Igarashi
North American Dub
Air Date (US): July 24, 2000
CWi Title: Fiendish Ferns
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  "A Bewitching Flower That Steals Hearts: Tellu, the Third Witch" is the 32nd episode of the third season of the Sailor Moon anime, the 121st episode in Japan and the 114th episode in English. It was first aired in Japan on January 14, 1995. The English dub title for this episode is "Fiendish Ferns" and it first aired in North America on July 24, 2000


The Death Busters have a change in strategy in collecting Crystal Hearts. The third member of the Witches 5 sets up a shop, selling crystal-stealing flowers. The Sailor Guardians begin to learn more about their enemy and Mugen Academy.


Professor Tomoe gets instructions from the Messiah of Silence that she needs more Crystal Hearts to awaken. He calls the third witch, Tellu, saying that they are abandoning the use of Daimons and trying a different strategy that Tellu has been working on. A new shop opens up, selling these new plants called Telluns, plants that do not need water or sunlight to bloom. Setsuna suspects that something sinister might be behind these plants.

Chibiusa tries to go to Mugen to find Hotaru, but is stopped by Usagi . Hotaru gains control of her body and wanders out of school. She passes by the Tellun shop where the owner givers her the plant. Thinking it would make a great gift, Hotaru gives the Tellun to Chibiusa, when Hotaru is suddenly abducted by Kaolinite .

Meanwhile, Setsuna scans the Tellun, when suddenly it tries to attack her, after it blooms, but she is saved by her Garnet Rod. Setsuna meets up with Usagi and Chibiusa and immediately destroys the Tellun that Chibiusa got from Hotaru. They investigate the store, and Tellu traps the people within the store as the Telluns bloom, which remove their Pure Heart Crystals, and Tellu traps the crystals in a star-shape broach.

Confronted by Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Pluto, Tellu has her plants attack the three. She uses her vines which snatch Pluto, electrocuting her, until Tuxedo Mask shows up to help them. Sailor Moon upgrades to Super Sailor Moon, and destroys all but one plant which Tellu saved. Tellu makes the Tellun grow into a Hyper Tellun. Before she can escape, Tuxedo Mask destroys her brooch, freeing the Pure Crystal Hearts. Thinking she has them, the Tellun attacks its mistress. She uses her vines to electrocute it, hoping it would let go, but she destroys both the Tellun and herself instead. The Senshi find a student ID book of Tellu's alias as a Mugen student, making them more confident that Mugen is the headquarters for the Death Busters.


Changes From the Manga

  • The Telluns were designed to take away people's souls, which have been replaced with Crystal Hearts in the anime.
  • Tellu was destroyed by Sailor Pluto, and not by her Hyper Tellun (which never appears in the manga).
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack was first used by Sailor Chibi Moon against Tellu.
  • Tellu transforms into a horrifying Daimon after Chibiusa damages her with Pink Sugar Heart Attack.
  • Viluy is the third witch to be encountered, not Tellu.
  • The Sailor Senshi figured out the connection between Mugen Academy and the Death Busters near the beginning of the Infinity Arc.

Dub Changes

  • In Cloverway's English dub, Chibiusa said "Mini Prism Power" instead of "Moon Prism Power" to transform.
  • Tellu's Hyper Tellun was renamed "Big Bertha" in the English dub.

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